Fun Friday results: Athletic shoes are your favorite shoes for work

The results are in from our survey last week about the most comfortable shoes for working on your feet all day.

And the winner is: sneakers or athletic shoes by a landslide! These were preferred in all job categories.

And a sampling of recommendations from people who elaborated on their choices:

  • Anything with memory foam in the foot bed
  • Clogs are heavy. Crocs – trip easier. Sneakers easier to run in.
  • Ecco shoes. Help with plantar fasciitis.
  • asics, they have the most arch support for me
  • Dansko! Best supportive shoe ever made
  • Rothy’s! Recycled materials. Shoe and inserts can go in the washing machine. Very comfortable!
  • Sketchers flats w/velcro closure. The strap is adjustable to enhance the fit.
  • Rockport Total Motion
  • I find the arch support and fit of Birkenstocks keeps my feet from hurting even after the longest 12 hour (well more like 15 hour) days. I have worn them for all of nursing school and my 15 years as a nurse and rarely do my feet hurt!
  • SAS nurse shoes have a thick, thick sole, grippy bottoms and they come from AAA to EEEE.
  • Dansko, I have severe osteoarthritis in my right foot.
  • super birki clogs, or Oofos clog (recovery footwear)
  • Doc Martin’s, as there is a wide sole and reasonable arch support, along with leather uppers and chemical-resistant, anti-slip outsoles
  • Crocs: My feet don’t get too hot, easy to slip on and off. Can wear all day and still be comfortable
  • Alegria: Comfortable, wears well and the insoles can be replaced.
  • Allbirds
  • Hoka One-One shoes are cushy on my heels and very supportive.
  • Need the most expensive tennis shoe for the extra padding-Asics is the best. Brooks is second.
  • tennis and/or running shoes are specifically built to help with heel spurs and plantar fasciitis
  • Tieks flat dress shoes
  • Aetrex – sandals, High quality shoe with great arch support and back-strap and velcro
  • Birkenstock. I preferred Birkenstock clogs as a nursing assistant, and still wear Birkenstocks as an office worker.  They help most with plantar fasciitis.
  • New Balance 1940!! Great heal and arch support with wide toe area
  • My Brooks are amazing at providing support and cushion during my 12 hr shifts.
  • Toms because they are lightweight and provide the right amount of support for my semi-flat feet.
  • Kuru brand
  • Sketcher athletic shoes have a very nice cushion insole.
  • Keens have great support, let your feet breath, and form to your foot.
  • Toms: Lightweight, cool and have a little support. Might not be great in a place with frequent spills of bodily fluids!
  • Brooks shoes are extremely comfortable.  I have never had pain or discomfort in my feet.  I have worn them for over 15 years.
  • Born Toby
  • I go stocking foot at my standing desk on a stress matt, the dress flats are easy to slip in and out of.
  • my doctor told me that asics and new balance are very good since I am on my feet 8 hours.
  • Black Keens with superfeet insoles: Great arch support, feels like a running shoe but looks a bit more professional
  • Able to rotate sneakers easily- cheaper and easier to replace if worn out or come in contact with bodily fluids.
  • Dansko Professional clogs provide keep both my feet and back from hurting.
  • Hokas. Hard to get used to but great for me feet and back.
  • Vionic: Great orthotic built in the shoe.
  • Insoles and compressions socks as well!
  • Brand “On Running” recommended by Trade Home Shoes due to my specific feet
  • I have neuropathy in my feet and athletic shoes are most comfortable
  • athletic shoes with inserts from American prosthetics
  • I wear Dansko shoes. I am very hard on my shoes at work; a lot of walking. I have found Dansko to be the most cost effective. I can break down and ruin a regular pair of tennis shoes in one to two months at a cost of $60-$200 that can get very expensive. The Dansko shoes having the harder soles take considerable longer to wear down; one year or longer.
  • Merrell brand is the bomb!!
  • Sneakers: Most comfortable when you have problems with your feet!
  • Wooden clogs

Note: University of Iowa Health Care does not endorse any specific shoe brand. Live life. Walk on. Be comfy.

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  1. For Plantar Fasciitis/heel pain, I have found Kuru to be the best. Dansko clogs helped me cheat because the heel is a bit elevated, so over time made my calves less flexible/worse pain in my feet. I’ve also tried NewBalance 1940’s, and Asic tennis shoes, superfeet insoles, and other insoles. However I have recently discovered that using Heel That Pain shoe inserts in combination with Kuru shoes is the first time in a decade I have had complete relief from PF and heel pain.

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