From barista to patient specialist: Brandon Westphaln goes above and beyond

Brandon Westphaln knows a lot of faces at UI Hospitals & Clinics. That’s because he worked at the hospital’s coffee shop for many years.

In his role as a patient account specialist, Brandon Westphaln says, “We’re the main point of contact for patients when they call into the university.”

“In fact, a lot of the doctors and the providers that I see now, or staff, I’ve known them or recognize their face,” says Westphaln, a patient access specialist. “The people I talk to on the phone now are people that I saw for years.”

When a friend who worked in the Patient Access Center (PAC) suggested Westphaln apply there, he thought it would be a good fit.

“I already had a pretty good understanding of the hospital and people’s day-to-day lives just from talking with them,” says Westphaln. Three years ago, he joined the PAC team and now works in Women’s Health.

Logan Moeller, patient access specialist, is grateful to work with Westphaln.

“Brandon always goes above and beyond on every call with a patient, provider, nurse, or scheduler,” says Moeller. “He is compassionate, caring, detailed, and always checks his work to make certain he has met and exceeded expectations.”

Making a patient’s day

The PAC partners with the outpatient clinics to receive incoming calls.

“We’re the main point of contact for patients when they call into the university and scheduling is primarily what we do,” says Westphaln. “We’re the point in the funnel to help get them what they need.”

Sometimes patients want to communicate with nurses, need a referral, financial help, medication or insurance information, or just directions to the clinic. Sometimes they’ve just had a serious incident and require help with health care needs.

“I think it’s really nice to make a patient’s day, when you can help them navigate,” says Westphaln. “Or sometimes they feel lost, and you can feel out exactly what it is that they need. You have to be patient; you definitely have to be compassionate.”

Women’s Health team

Westphaln and his team are a close-knit bunch; working to provide excellent patient care to all the women who contact them for their medical needs. He says working collaboratively makes the job easier.

“Women’s Health definitely is a very tight group as far as communication goes,” he says. “We work with our nurses extensively. We also have great communication with them through Skype and through Voalte.”

That cohesion allows the team to better help the patients in the short- and long-run.

“Sometimes a patient just needs one visit, but you can schedule out their whole pregnancy,” he says. “And then they don’t have to worry about what they’re doing for the next six months. It’s those little moments where you can really go that extra mile with the patient, make their day, that makes my day as well.”

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  1. I met Brandon back in my 6RC days and he was so easy to talk to that we became friends. So glad to hear he’s thriving in a different role- I am not surprised in the least!

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