Evidence-Based Practice in Action: New Book and Companion Workbook

Congratulations to the Department of Nursing, Office of Research and Evidence-Based Practice on receiving a 2018 Book of the Year award from the American Journal of Nursing for their book, Evidence-Based Practice in Action: Comprehensive Strategies, Tools, and Tips from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

The Iowa Model has become synonymous around the world with evidence­-based practice (EBP) in nursing. The model guides nurses along the process of implementing EBP, from identifying opportunities for change in practice, to implementing and sustaining those changes. This model is now published for others to use as a starting point in their own practices.

This practical, easy-to-use book directs health care leaders through the EBP process. The authors provide tools for topic selection, literature searches, critique of research and evidence reviews, implementation, sustaining change, and evaluation, plus more than 60 comprehensive strategies for implementing and sustaining EBP. Each chapter includes tips from experts to guide individuals and teams who make the important day-to-day decisions that ultimately improve patient outcomes.

The book is being used internationally to help translate knowledge, research, and clinical expertise into action, improving health care for patients and families. The reach and success showcases not only the hardworking authors, but also all of our University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics nurses who have been doing evidence-based practice for decades. We are excited to celebrate their accomplishments.

Staff, faculty, and students can purchase their own copy of or download the tools featured in the book by contacting kristen-rempel@uiowa.edu.