AirCare continues to serve Waterloo and Dubuque area with new bases and crew

UI Hospitals & Clinics leaders announced today that AirCare, our emergency air care service, has established new helicopter bases at the Waterloo and Dubuque airports and hired the existing flight nurses and medics for those crews.

The helicopters were previously based at MercyOne hospitals in those communities, but MercyOne could not come to agreement with UI Hospitals & Clinics on a new contract. Since Sept. 15, a combination of AirCare 1 air medical flight crews and traveling staff from Air Methods, our medical air-transport partner, which owns and operates the aircraft and provides the pilots, continued to meet the needs of patients in those communities.

The 11 flight nurses and 10 medics formerly assigned to AirCare 2 in Waterloo and AirCare 3 in Dubuque with MercyOne were offered employment with us, and all of them are now UI Health Care colleagues. We welcome them to our team.

The AirCare crews in both communities continue to transport patients from any hospital or emergency scene anywhere across the region.