Congratulations to the Executive Leadership Academy 2018–2019 graduates

Every year, a new cohort of UI Health Care emerging leaders participate in the Executive Leadership Academy (ELA). They go through six sessions, each session is one-and-a-half days long, running from September through May. Throughout the year, participants actively work their full-time jobs, while at the same time, complete a project for their ELA coursework that aligns with the strategic plan of UI Health Care.

Congratulations to this year’s ELA graduates!

Pictured, left to right:

Row 1: Christina Woline, Jason Miller, Nick Butler, Phil Danzer, Greg Hamilton, Jenna Lueth, Teresa Franklin, Danielle Allen, Prerna Rastogi, Haseeb Qazi

Row 2: Jonathan Bothell, Kim Ogden, Jonathan Garringer, Nick Poch, Dan Lose, Andy Phillips, Justin Kahler, Yuya Hagiwara, Christine McNair, Josh Paxton, Sam Mitchell (ELA coordinator)

Row 3: John Heinemann, Guru Bhoojhawon, Diane Lamb, Sanela Omic, Catherine Radzewich, Rachel McGuire, Alisha Loy, Lindsey Mascher, Sarah Schneider, Amber Skoglund, Teri Brennan (ELA chair)

Not Pictured: Anne Nielsen

Learn more about the Executive Leadership Academy.


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