Community benefit: Our impact from FY17

Community benefits are programs and services that address identified community health needs, regardless of source or availability of payment, and provide measurable improvement in health care access, health status, and the use of health care resources.

For fiscal year 2017:

  • $331,739,020 in value of staff time, in-kind services, and financial donations reported in community benefit programs and activities
  • 895,536 people served by community benefit programs and activities (more than a quarter the total population of the state of Iowa!)

A service counts as quantifiable community benefit if it addresses an identified community need and meets at least one of the following criteria:

Impacting communities through some of the following programs and services:

Improves access to health care services

  • Skin cancer screenings
  • Free medical clinic
  • First aid stations at community events

Enhances health of the community

  • Food drives for local food pantries
  • Bicycle safety programs
  • Support groups open to community members

Advances medical or health knowledge

  • Continuing medical education for community providers
  • Job shadows
  • Scholarships for health care careers

Relieves or reduces the burden of government or other community efforts

  • Medication assistance center
  • Lodging for discharged patients
  • Transportation fees for patients

Reach out. Report. Repeat.

Learn how to report your impact by contacting the community benefit team at 335-8886,, or by visiting the Community Benefit SharePoint site.