Calvin Meyer and daughter Ella share a special Daddy-Daughter Dance

Calvin Meyer and his daughter Ella shared a special Daddy-Daughter Dance on Saturday, March, 7, on 3JCP.

Calvin has been hospitalized for more than three months with acute lymphoblastic lymphoma. When his wife mentioned the dance he would be missing back home in Missouri, our staff helped coordinate this one near his patient room.

Calvin made a special jewelry box for his daughter Ella and also recorded his voice that she can replay on a teddy bear.

Kathy Whiteside, patient and family life specialist for our Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program, says Ella has formed a bond with several members of the care team during visits to see her father.

“She was sad to me missing her Daddy-Daughter Dance (back home), but not sad about spending this time with her hospital family,” Whiteside says.

Ella turned 8 years old on March 5, so the special night included gifts that Calvin made from his hospital bed: a jewelry box he painted pink, and a teddy bear with his recorded voice inside.

Now, all Ella has to do is squeeze the bear’s foot to hear, “Snoopy, I love you. Have a happy birthday!”


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