Burn Center Outpatient Clinic: Treatment to promote healing

Lynn Glass and her colleagues in the Burn Center Outpatient Clinic never know who may walk through the clinic doors for treatment.

“With no age restrictions on our patients and a variety of degree of burns we care for, our work requires a lot of flexibility to make sure our patients have everything they need,” says Glass, RN, BSN.

Lynn Glass, RN, BSN

While Glass primarily cares for burn outpatients attending follow-up appointments, the burn clinic also assists with inpatient care, as well as burn patients from the Emergency Department.

Routinely working on the outpatient side, Glass and her coworkers will change wound dressings, preform hydrotherapies, and assist with burn after-care support to help the patient’s healing process.

“An average day involves seeing patients with burns, coordinating care with other teams; including PT/OT, child life, social work; and following up via phone calls with home-visiting nurses and other hospitals that have referrals for patients that need wound care,” says Glass.

Helping out

Despite their different roles in patient care, Glass says the staff on the burn clinic are quick to help out whenever and wherever it’s needed.

“Whether it’s on the inpatient or the outpatient side, our burn patients all need care,” she says. “Our entire clinic staff, if we’re able, will help the inpatient side because to us, it’s all the same; it’s caring for our patients.”

Throughout the pandemic, Glass and her staff have even assisted outside their unit—like so many of their UI Health Care colleagues.

“When we’ve had slower times in the clinic, many of our clinic staff volunteered to help with entrance screening or volunteered to pitch in extra hours on the inpatient side of the burn unit,” says Glass.

Team-first mentality

Despite the turbulence of the last year, Glass emphasizes the importance that camaraderie plays on the unit.

“We try to make each day fun and enjoyable for everyone, patients and coworkers included.”

That reminder is often accompanied by the motivation that Glass and her staff receive from caring for their patients.

“They’re always appreciative of everything we do for them,” says Glass. “In my role, I could not do everything I do without my teammates helping me. It is truly a team effort.”


  1. We are so incredibly fortunate to have Lynn on our UIHC team. She is so knowledgeable and she really cares so much about her patients. Lynn is the best!

  2. Lynn is a wonderful Burn nurse! She has so much knowledge. Gentle hands which is really important when doing wound care.

  3. Fortunately I get the honor to work with Lynn and several of the Burn Clinic staff regularly for assistance with work comp patients; they are amazing!!!!!!!

  4. Lynn is an asset for our team. Her depth of knowledge, caring attitude and sense of humor benefit both staff and patients.

  5. I have had a chance to work with Lynn and I am amazed at her abilities, and her knowledge. Grateful to know her and work with her. I love the Burn team in general. They are some of the nicest people.

  6. I had the personal unfortunate need for the burn unit expertise recently in which Lynn & Melissa were my caregivers. They were both FABULOUS. Gentle, caring and efficient during the entire process from the initial burn to follow-up skin graft care. I can’t say enough good things about burn unit staff I encountered.

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