Brady receives June 2017 DAISY Award

Morgan Brady, BSN, RN

“She is an amazing nurse and a wonderful person. My wife is still with us today because of her.”

Congratulations to June 2017 DAISY Award winner Morgan Brady, BSN, RN, a nurse in the Burn Unit (8JCP). Brady was nominated by the family of a former patient who wrote:

“Morgan started looking after my wife and family when my wife was admitted. She was one of two nurses in charge of her admit, and her injury was worse than reported. During my wife’s 104 days at the university, Morgan often changed her schedule to be my wife’s nurse. My children, along with myself, often looked to her during this stressful time. She became family, our eyes and ears, and gave us comfort when we weren’t there that my wife was well looked after. She always seemed to know what my wife, kids, or I needed before we did. While my wife was sedated, she still talked to her as if she was awake, explaining everything she was doing. She pushed my wife when she didn’t want to do something because of pain or anxiety, always finding a way to get her to do what she needed to go for that next step.

“She was the nurse taking over when my wife went into septic shock and explained everything to me over the phone what was going on. Weeks later she was with my wife and daughter when my wife coded, taking charge of the situation, never getting excited to not worry my daughter. She got doctors in the room and took care of my wife as well as my daughter. After reviving my wife, still getting her ready to be taken down for tests, she made sure that somebody had contacted me. She is an amazing nurse and a wonderful person. My wife is still with us today because of her.

“We came back from rehab for follow-up surgeries, and Morgan picked up where she left off, giving my wife amazing care and getting all our questions answered.

“Right before my wife’s accident, my daughter graduated from high school. She wanted to see her walk down the aisle, but with being in the burn unit, Morgan went to work, found a little cake, made a cap from cardboard and burn net and used a blue bath gown and nurses wear to give baths as a gown and got ahold of some confetti. She put my wife and myself at the end of the hall and asked my daughter to come with her. All she told me was I would want my camera out. Then around the corner came Morgan and my daughter in her cap and gown, the nurses and RNs not taking care of patients were there with confetti and presented her with a diploma they made. I haven’t seen my wife this happy since this happened.

“You have a special class of nurses in the Burn Center. I wish I could nominate every one of them and the RNs.”

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