Bike safety program receives RAGBRAI’s Rider Cup

Congratulations to the team representing the bike safety program at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital on receiving RAGBRAI’s Rider Cup! This award is given to the team who best promotes bike safety before and during the week-long ride across Iowa.

Team members include:

  • Lynn Burleson
  • Mary Copper
  • Jayme Crawford
  • Jill Endres, MD
  • Clover Farmer
  • Mark Graber, MD
  • Steve Hamilton
  • Jean Hegland
  • Pam Hoogerwerf
  • Caitlin Jarzen
  • Ben Kirbach
  • Susan Kramer, PT
  • Tom Lothspeich
  • Katie McGrath
  • Lauren O’Donnell
  • Tracy Pitcher
  • Chris Pitcher
  • Graeme Pitcher, MD
  • Sonja Rye
  • John Shelton
  • Julia Shelton, MD
  • Romulo Souza
  • Nicky Stansell
  • Sheri Swenning, RN
  • Sam Tomek
  • Elliott Tomek
  • Rebecca Ward
  • Kristel Wetjen, RN
  • Andrea Wilson, PA

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