Berger wins Helping Hands Award

Congratulations to our most recent Helping Hands winner Jaimie Berger, a nursing assistant on 3RCE. She was nominated by a colleague, who wrote:

“Jaimie went over and beyond by helping out today. Upon discharge, a patient left a very sentimental picture in the room, so since we were already down at the main entrance, she stopped what she was doing and came down to bring the picture.

“While down at the main entrance, the patient discovered that his bag was starting to leak. The patient was very uneasy and nervous. Jaimie helped to comfort the patient, assuring him that we will take care of him. She was able to lead him into the bathroom after giving him detailed instructions on how to empty it. He seemed to be relieved and very comforted in her care. She then continued to help the patient and delivered him into the car for discharge.

“Jaimie’s helping hand was just in time and well received to a patient in need of a little TLC during discharge.”

To learn more about the Helping Hands award, visit the Recognize Someone page on The Loop.


  1. Jamie took great care of us while we were on 3RC as well. This is a well deserved award for her!

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