August 4 Carver College of Medicine forum: 5 key takeaways

For the August 4 Carver College of Medicine forum, Brooks Jackson, MD, vice president for medical affairs and the Tyrone D. Artz Dean of the Carver College of Medicine, was joined by:

  • Patricia Winokur, MD, Executive Dean, Carver College of Medicine
  • Bradley Ford, MD, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor of Pathology
  • Katherine Imborek, MD, Clinical Associate Professor of Family Medicine

Here are five key takeaways from the forum:

1. First UI Health Care COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial begins

Winokur discusses UI Health Care’s first COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial that started last Thursday. This clinical trial is working to see is we can prevent infection of COVID-19. The study is looking to enroll a diverse population who is at higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19. The trial has already vaccinated around 25 people.

Watch more: 29:30, 40:50, 45:05, 52:00

 2. Testing capacity

Ford explains how our testing capacity has improved from 30 to 750 COVID-19 tests per day due to the collaboration of our labs and providers. We developed processes and solutions to get patients their tests quickly and conveniently. Plans for quicker tests and increased capacity were also shared.

Watch more: 16:40, 22:10, 43:05

3. ILI Clinic continues to adapt

Imborek shares details on how the Influenza Like Illness (ILI) Clinic has continued to adapt to the changing needs of our community. The ILI Clinic has opened new locations, developed processes, and worked with providers from across UI Health Care to meet the changing demands of our patients.

Watch more: 7:45, 36:15

4. Preparing for Fall

As the new school year approaches, Winokur recaps what the Carver College of Medicine has done to educate our students on preventive measures to protect themselves and others. Imborek also shares details on the process University of Iowa students will follow if they have COVID-19 symptoms once they return to campus.

Watch more: 35:00, 49:45

5. COVID-19 is still in our community

Jackson and Winokur remind employees to continue taking the same safety precautions to protect themselves from COVID-19–face coverings, hand washing, and social distancing–within our facilities and at home. COVID-19 is still prevalent in the community and we need to be diligent to help stop the spread.

Watch more: 48:15

Watch the full Carver College of Medicine forum