Ashton Kutcher visits the kids

University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital is so grateful to Ashton Kutcher for visiting with our patients and families during a recent trip back to Iowa!

Kutcher is an Iowa native who was born in Cedar Rapids and attended Clear Creek Amana High School. He is famous for being an actor, entrepreneur, and promoter of social justice—most notably, fighting to end the sexual exploitation of children.


  1. I was previously unaware of Ashton Kutcher’s visit to the SFCH. Thank you for sharing this inspirational event!

  2. This is really wonderful. Many people who have achieved fame get wrapped up in their “new selves”, the selves that flatterers and the media create by over feeding the narcissistic part of every human being. It is refreshing to see Kutcher resisting that and spending his time with kids in authentic conversations about the kids real experiences.

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