More than meets the eye

UI Hospitals & Clinics cares for the state’s most advanced medical cases. Patients with complex eye and vision issues are referred to providers in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences.

“I enjoy meeting people and having that personal connection,” says Steven Dailey, IT support analyst, “I’m not just a face behind a screen, but also someone they can talk to and see.”

In 2020, Steven Dailey was hired as an IT support analyst in the department.

“When I saw the position, I realized I could contribute to the patient experience by sharing my technical knowledge,” says Dailey.

Attention to detail, understanding hospital information technology and systems, and a willingness to listen are all important traits in his role, he says.

As part of long-range planning, Dailey updates computer equipment in exam rooms and finds computer programs that assist ophthalmologists doing research. As part of his ongoing duties, he maintains an imaging machine that measures a patient’s field of vision.

“How far to the right can they see? How far to the left they can see?,” Dailey says. “There’s a lot of software that goes into the transfer of data before it reaches a doctor’s screen. I support that software, so providers can track a patient’s eye changes over time and recommend corrective procedures.”

A passion for helping others

Dailey initially went to school to study psychology, but discovered he particularly enjoyed using his computer knowledge and expertise to help people.

“People often feel ashamed, scared, or frustrated working with technology,” he says. “I have a background in working with people, including those with disabilities. I’m patient with people and listen to understand their needs.”

Computers can be a mystery, says Dailey, and he derives a great deal of satisfaction from simplifying the process.

“My goal is for our experience to be a positive one, where we both leave the conversation and we’re laughing or we’re smiling,” says Dailey. “I hope their day has been brightened just a little bit during our short interaction.”

Not just a face behind a screen

Dailey enjoys providing support in his role.

“I had previous experience that helped me guide our department into the virtual world of meetings,” he says. “People in this department support and encourage me; people always make me feel appreciated.”

Dailey loves the detail work of information technology and is glad he can bridge the gap between machine and man.

“I enjoy meeting people and having that personal connection,” he says. “I’m not just a face behind a screen but someone they can talk to and see.”

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