7 tips to watch the Hawkeyes safely during COVID-19

It’s nearly time to flip on the TV and watch the Iowa Hawkeyes battle it out on the football field. But as the buzz of excitement grows, it’s important to remember that COVID-19 has no allegiance. It affects us all. So, we’ve compiled some tips to keep in mind to help you cheer on the Hawkeyes safely!

Wear a mask

Regardless of where you watch or who you watch with, remember to wear a mask. The only exception is watching at home with people from your household.

Shouting and cheering produce more aerosols/droplets.

Avoid crowded indoor spaces such as bars and restaurants

Try watching the game from your home instead. It’s safer (and cheaper).

If you do tailgate, do so responsibly

It’s not recommended that you tailgate but if you do, remember to wear a mask and keep your distance (at least six feet) from anyone you don’t live with. Be particularly attentive when taking off your mask to eat or drink to do so with distancing, and put it back on as soon as possible.

Limit groups to 10 or less

If you’re watching the game with others, make sure to keep gathering sizes small—no more than 10. If they are from outside your household, mask up, have plenty of room to allow for social distancing, and choose a well-ventilated area.

Don’t share food

We encourage you to stick to your food choices and traditions—they’re among the best parts of football season. But avoid sharing food and instead create individual servings.

Individual servings allow people to pick up their food and go to a safe place to eat, rather than gathering around a shared food source.

Wash your hands before any meal preparation.

Be extra cautious when taking off your mask when eating to keep a distance from others, preferably in a ventilated space, keeping at least six feet apart.

Move the TV

If hosting, try moving the TV outside or to a well-ventilated area.

Consider a virtual option

Try setting up a Zoom or FaceTime call with friends to watch together virtually.

Go Hawks!


    • Hi Kiley,
      Unfortunately, those face masks are not currently in production. They were designed for football season when it was anticipated that Kinnick Stadium would have in-person fans.
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