10 best quotes from Suresh’s town halls

Our CEO Suresh Gunasekaran answered a multitude of questions from faculty and staff during his recent series of town halls at five University of Iowa Health Care locations.

He began each event with his first impressions after being in Iowa for six months, shared key recent achievements across our care, research, and education missions, and reminded us why ours is the kind of organization people want to join. He also shared his vision for UI Health Care in the form of balance. Suresh sees a balanced approach to growth, efficiency, quality and safety, and what’s best for our people and patients.

Suresh spent a majority of the town hall sessions listening and answering questions.

Here are Suresh’s 10 top quotes from the town halls:


  1. More Iowans are choosing to have their health care at our system than ever before. It’s not just from Johnson County or Linn County; it’s from all 99 counties in Iowa. And all of our services are growing across the board – inpatient, outpatient, surgical, non-surgical.”


  1. “We continue to be recognized by the Magnet program. That tells you not only how strong our nursing programs are, but how well they partner with the rest of the organization to really make a difference.”


  1. “Anyone know what ranking the UI Physician Assistant program got? One. That’s my favorite ranking. This is something for all of us to be proud of because we’re creating a learning environment across all of our health sciences programs that shows this is a great place to be in health care.”


  1. Our NIH funding is up, even though most NIH funding across the country is down. That’s a great testament to our faculty and their commitment to research.”


  1. “As an organization, we need to mature about how we think about quality. Quality improvement is not a memo; it’s not a policy; it’s not showing you a dashboard. It’s understanding that we have to redesign our operations and continuously improve. There are opportunities every day, but it takes focus.”


  1. “We are going to have to continue to look at ways to not just grow our way out of problems, but also figure out ways to drive efficiencies. Even though we’re getting larger, even though we’ve got more scope, we need to figure out better, smarter ways to do our work.”


  1. You have excellence in your eyes, and you’ve got hard work in your DNA, and I think that’s a pretty good place to be.”


  1. “Excellence is easy to talk about, but excellence is really difficult to appreciate, especially when you’re standing in the spot where excellence is happening. We have a lot to take pride in.”


  1. “What I hope you see over the next year is that there is a real goal to be more balanced. When we focus on growth, efficiency, quality and safety, or our people, we need to focus on all of them together, not at the expense of one or the other.”


  1. “Our challenges are solvable. I’m hopelessly optimistic because we’re just too good.”


Unable to attend the town halls? You can view video clips about our accomplishments and finding balance.