2 bedroom apt 1050$ a month

Limited offer!

I am moving out of state so I am subleasing the apartment and willing to make it easy and affordable for the new tenant, check the incentives below!


2-bedroom apartment on 301 4th avenue Coralville

Looking to sublease from July 1st to the end of June 2022


As an incentive you can;

1)have the furniture for free, if you want, otherwise, I will take the furniture out

2) If you lease it for the entire period, you will get 1 month rent free (I will pay the rent for the owner)



The entire apartment will be yours as I am moving out of state.

Note: You will rent through the owner-not through me, but I will connect you with Watts group to get the cheaper rate and the 1-month free deal.

I am flexible on moving dates.

Owner pays for Wifi, but tenant pays for water and electricity

Flooring is carpet (living room and bedroom) and wood (kitchen and bathroom)

There is no broker fee

Contact info: zanaty.mario@gmail.com