In-kind donations and gifts: FAQs for staff

Where do I direct inquires if someone wants to donate to the hospital?

The most helpful impact is through a monetary donation to the University of Iowa Center for Advancement, marked for UI Hospitals & Clinics caring fund or the UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital fund.

Patients and families benefit from in-kind gifts as well. Please direct those wishing to donate new items to or call the automated gift line at 319-467-8087 for detailed information.

For more information, direct donors to Sheri Austin, Concierge Services, 319-356-1900, or Dan Mears at 319-678-5500.

Are there items patients need more than others?

We accept items year-round for patients of all ages. To protect their health and safety, donated items must follow certain rules. View our list of what can and cannot be accepted, as well as a list of local charities that accept donations that we cannot.

What is the in-kind donation form?

The in-kind donation form should be filled out by donors and must be included with all in-kind donations. Forms are also available at the main entrance information desk and children’s hospital information desk.

What if unexpected donations arrive on our unit/clinic?

Please thank the donor for their generosity and explain that our policy directs all in-kind donations to concierge services. If an in-kind donation form was not filled out by the donors, please find one on the website or write down the donor’s name, address, and phone number and attach the information to the item(s).

Then contact Sheri Austin, Concierge Services, 319-356-1900, or Dan Mears at 319-678-5500 to arrange for the item(s) to be picked up.

May donors personally deliver donations to a patient area?

No, they may not. Due to privacy regulations and infection control policies, a UI Health Care guest services staff member will accept the donation on behalf of the organization. We will make sure items go where they are needed most.

May food be donated to patients?

We are unable to accept food donations because many of our patients have restricted diets and food allergies.

We will accept food donations for families of our patients if they are individually wrapped, non-perishable snacks that have not exceeded the expiration date on the label. Please see provision of care – food and nutrition services – PC-FNS-5.113 on The Point.

A patient or family member of a patient in my unit/clinic could benefit from a donated gift. Who should I contact?

Please call Sheri Austin, Concierge Services, 319-356-1900, or Dan Mears, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital, at 319-678-5500 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Looking for more information? Visit—or call 319-467-8087—to learn how to can help the patients and families at UI Hospitals & Clinics and UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital.