UI Children’s Hospital update

For the past 18 months, passersby have watched Hospital Ramp 2 being demolished followed by an abundant amount of digging. Now, staff, patients, and visitors can witness the building of the new University of Iowa Children’s Hospital, set to open in 2016.

Current construction

As of early June, the construction crew has been working on placing the deck to pour concrete on Level 6, installing air handlers, installing metal framing on Lower Level 1, and working on the masonry on Lower Level 1.

Pediatric Specialty Clinics

The Pediatric Specialty Clinics (PSC) will remain in the main hospital in the Colloton Pavilion, Level 2, and will be directly connected to the new children’s hospital with a skyway. Phase 1 of construction on PSC will be complete in summer of 2017, and phase 2 is scheduled for completion in summer of 2018. Phase 1 will consist of completing the new clinic space for PSC. After that is complete, existing clinic operations will move into their new space, and phase 2 will consist of demolishing the old clinic space and completing the north portion of the new clinic.

Public spaces

Level 1 of the new UI Children’s Hospital will include a large open space that will encourage visitors to explore the area. Features will include:

  • An interactive children’s theater with screens that can respond to touch, as well as show movies and provide a space to host other children’s events such as puppet shows
  • A full-service cafeteria
  • Patient library
  • The UI Children’s Hospital Safety Store
  • Gift shop

Level 12 rendering

Level 12 will include:

  • Two green spaces
  • A café
  • Chapel
  • Conference rooms
  • An event space with a view into Kinnick Stadium

Evidence-Based Design

Evidence-Based Design (EBD) uses proven results to provide the best environments for our patients, families, and staff. It improves risk management, patient-family-staff outcomes, productivity, operational efficiencies, and operating costs. Here are just a few of the many EBD examples that will be incorporated into the new UI Children’s Hospital:

  • Family zones in patient rooms can lead to fewer falls; reduced patient stress and depression; and improve privacy and confidentiality, communication, social support, and patient satisfaction
  • Access to daylight can reduce patients’ pain, stress, depression, and lengths of stay; improve patients’ sleep; and reduce staff stress
  • Noise-reducing finishes can reduce medical errors; reduce patients’ pain, stress, and depression; improve privacy and confidentiality; increase patient and staff satisfaction; reduce staff stress; and increase staff effectiveness



Level 3, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)


UI Children’s Hospital cares for more than 57,000 children from every county in Iowa, almost every state in the country, and from several different countries around the world.buildingElevatedView

It is the only hospital in Iowa nationally ranked for pediatric care and provides comprehensive care delivered by 170 pediatric physicians, surgeons, and dentists.

Led by Raphael Hirsch, MD, physician-in-chief and chair of the Stead Family Department of Pediatrics, UI Children’s Hospital employs more than 500 specially trained pediatric nurses as well as child life specialists and music therapists. A Family Advisory Council and a Youth Advisory Council help develop practices and programs to enhance the patient and family experience.

More information

See the webcam and time-lapse video showing the demolition of Hospital Ramp 2 and the construction of the new UI Children’s Hospital.

Learn more about the new UI Children’s Hospital.

Project details

  • Construction began Fall 2012
  • Set to open Spring 2016
  • Cost: Approximately $292 million – funded through bonds, patient revenue, and private gifts. No tax dollars being used.
  • 480,000 square feet in new construction plus 56,250 square feet of renovated existing space
  • 14 floors (12 above ground, 2 below ground for parking)


  1. Very excited for the new Children’s Hospital. It is well worth dealing with all of the construction…

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