Patient experience: ‘My Why’ shows the hearts of UI Health Care employees

Regardless of your role within UI Health Care, we all have a “why”: Why we do what we do.

The next Excellence Every Time sessions will be held on Sept. 24 and 25 in Coralville.

At the most recent Excellence Every Time event, all participants filled out a card explaining their “why”—why they choose to work in health care, and more specifically, for UI Health Care.

Staff in the Office of the Patient Experience took as many of those as they could fit and put them on display in the Colloton Pavilion Atrium (Elevator F, Level 1).

What’s your why?

Patient Experience Week

The Office of the Patient Experience has been celebrating Patient Experience Week in conjunction with Patient Safety Week from April 29 to May 3. There is a table in the Fountain Lobby (Elevator C, Level 1) through Friday where you can learn more about the department.

Earlier in the week, the Patient Education Program partnered with the hospital librarian for a special children’s story hour in the Children’s Library. They read books promoting health literacy and safety practices. The patient education specialists coordinated activities to teach the kids about choosing healthy foods and what makes a balanced meal. And the Safety Store staff were on hand to offer certificates for free bike helmets.

Recent patient comments about courtesy


  • “All medical staff (nurses and doctors) were very helpful and courteous to my needs.”
  • “All staff I encountered were professional, courteous and compassionate.”
  • All the care providers, nurses, MAs, everyone was so kind, courteous, understanding, and really helped me feel my best during my stay.”
  • “Excellent health care professionally, educationally, and patient care and being informed step by step. Friendly, courteous excellent nurses, staff, and doctors.”
  • “The young lady that wheeled me to my car when I was leaving was a very kind and courteous young lady. She was a breath of fresh air in this day and age.”
  • “All the kitchen staff who delivered meals to our room were all very courteous and friendly and professional!”
  • “Everyone is pleasant, organized, courteous, friendly, and helpful. We think they act professionally and we feel confident in their experience and knowledge. We are so grateful they are there.”
  • “Everything was on time, everyone was very courteous, and no one seemed in a hurry to move on to the next patient.”
  • “The receptionist have all been very courteous—making me feel welcome. Not as number but as a person!”
  • “I have residents a lot of the time and they have always been knowledgeable and courteous.”

 Missed the mark

  • “Provider talked down to me and was incredibly rude. She interrupted me continuously, and ignored me when I said I did have a health concern I wanted to discuss. She cut me off and changed the topic.”
  • “Not courteous at all regarding insurance questions/concerns.”
  • “The lady at reception is not courteous at all, she used normal sentences but in a loud meaningful way that made me uncomfortable.”
  • “The provider was just rude and dismissive in the appointment.”
  • “Somewhat rude and did nothing to treat concerns, which continue and are on-going. Will go outside U of Iowa now as a result.”
  • “He had no personality and was very rude both him and the other Dr. in that area!”
  • “She was in a hurry. She was bossy and constantly interrupted me. I’ve never been treated so rudely in the medical environment in my life.”
  • “Had a lot of people deliver food. Only one lady was rude.”
  • “Staff letting doors slam shut or just shutting them that hard in the middle of the night is kind of rude.”