Annual Carver College of Medicine teaching award winners

The awards were voted on by members of each class. Following are a few statements submitted by the nominating students for the residents and faculty.

  • Nathan Swailes: “Swailes is energetic and enthusiastic every single day. His passion, ability to create meaningful ways for his students to remember complex tissues, and his humor help keep students engaged and excited about learning.”
  • Jason Barker: “Barker went above and beyond his role as a course director in Keystone. His study guides for each unit covered conveyed the key concepts in a way that was easy to understand and made me apply them in ways I otherwise wouldn’t have. His own lectures were well-organized, engaging, and allowed me to tie together what I learned from previous courses. On top of it all, Dr. Barker is approachable and down-to-earth, making it very easy for students to feel comfortable reaching out to him with any questions we may have. I’m very grateful for the opportunity to learn from a teacher like him.”
  • Steven Craig: “Craig consistently goes above and beyond to get the medical students and residents to learn the crucial topics of internal medicine. The Des Moines clerkship year was life-changing in such a positive way and that was in no small part because of how great Dr. Craig and Wendi Kruger were to all the learners in Des Moines. He exemplifies the wise physician with many years of experience that seemingly has an endless supply of enthusiasm and energy for medicine and medical education. It is a very unique combination that multiples the energy and knowledge of those around him and will have positive ripples for decades to come in Des Moines and those who have trained in Des Moines.”
  • Virginia Nguyen: “Nguyen was always very positive and inclusive of medical students during my surgery rotation in Des Moines. She made me feel like a part of the team!”
  • Heather Winn: “Phenomenal energy and willingness to get students involved in patient care and procedures in addition to teaching about relevant topics for the shelf exam.”
  • Jennifer Hrabe: “Hrabe’s skillsets in terms of patient interaction and teaching was a level above anyone else’s.”
  • Jacklyn Engelbart: “She has a great attitude, upbeat personality, is always showing initiative to help medical students, and has the desire to make sure students never feel overwhelmed or lost. She single-handedly made my surgery rotation one of my favorites of the year!”
  • Michael Haugsdal: “Haugsdal has been instrumental to shaping my OB/GYN career. He has gone to great lengths to provide advice, assistance in my application, and a listening ear to all of my concerns and questions during the interview process. We need more mentors who are willing to go above and beyond to ensure professional success of students at Carver. Very thankful for Dr. Haugsdal and his role as bean community faculty.”
  • Katie Iverson: Iverson received the Ben Pardini Award. Ben Pardini was an inspirational and beloved teacher, researcher, and health care provider before his passing in 2008. The annual Ben Pardini Interdisciplinary Teaching Award has been established to honor Mr. Pardini’s memory by recognizing those who share his ideals.

Congratulations are also in order for:

  • Calvin Tran, M1/PA1 Tutor of the Year
  • Jayden Bowen, M2/PA2 Tutor of the Year
  • Anna White, SNMA Outstanding Student Organization Leader
  • Joyce Wahba, Outstanding Individual Service Award
  • Carrie Bernat, Outstanding Staff Member Award