Administrative changes: UICMS now under UIP

As of July 1, all UI Community Medical Services (UICMS) clinics and UI QuickCare locations are being managed under the direction of UI Physicians (UIP). The goal is to continue to provide the same great service currently provided to patients, but align the operations with all the other UI Health Care clinics that are operating off the main campus.

UICMS clinic and UI QuickCare staff will become UI Health Care employees next summer. The target date for this change is June 29, 2018.

All other services/entities under UI Health Ventures will continue to operate as usual.

Over the next several months, Todd Patterson, chief operating officer for UIP, and Beth Jaggers, director of clinical services for UIP, will visit all UICMS and UI QuickCare locations to work on transition planning.

Leadership roles and responsibilities

Douglas Van Daele, MD, executive director, and Todd Patterson, MBA, chief operating officer, lead the team below in operating the clinics in our community:

  • Katie Imborek, MD – medical director, primary care
  • Beth Jaggers, MBA – director, clinical services
  • Dianne Wasson, RN, MSN – health services manager
  • Emily Parsons, RN – assistant nurse manager
  • Rachel Kirchner, MHA – off-site division manager, pediatric primary and specialty care
  • Allyson Petrone, MHA – off-site division manager, adult primary and specialty care


Why are these changes being made?

We are continually reviewing the most efficient ways to provide health care services to Iowans, particularly at off campus locations. We are confident these administrative changes will give us the best opportunity to achieve this.

Will this affect how we deliver care to patients?

Day-to-day operations will continue as usual. Our goal is to continue to improve the care we provide patients in all off-campus sites.

Will there be layoffs among UICMS or UI Health Ventures staff?

There are no immediate plans to close clinics, services, or programs as a result of this change. However, we are always reviewing all of our operations to be the most effective and efficient, and each situation will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

When will I become a University of Iowa employee?

We have a target date of June 29, 2018, on which UICMS clinic and UI QuickCare staff will become UI Health Care employees. We will share other details with employees individually and in group meetings over the coming months as we get closer to June 2018 so you will know what this change will mean for you.

Will my salary change?

Salaries will be set according to University of Iowa policies and in alignment with established UI pay ranges. Much work and analysis has to occur in determining appropriate salaries for individuals coming into UI employment.

Will my benefits change?

Employees will be eligible to participate in the generous UI benefits plans. Benefits are administered by the central University of Iowa Human Resources office. Information regarding benefits will be provided once determination is made regarding employee classification within the UI.

Will my vacation and sick leave change?

Yes. UI Health Ventures uses a PTO program, which is different than the UI plan. No vacation or sick leave will carry over, as you will become a new employee of the University of Iowa. Immediately upon hire you will begin accruing sick leave and vacation time under the UI benefits rules. Any unused PTO from UI Health Ventures will be paid out to employees per normal UI Health Ventures policy when employment with UI Health Ventures is completed.

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  1. Was wondering what entities will remain under UI Health Ventures? I work at Iowa City Cancer Treatment Center, so it will be us and what others? Thanks Much!

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