Grateful patient: ‘She was pretty special’

Lisa Hughes, RN-BC, staff nurse, was nominated for a DAISY award by a grateful patient:

“Lisa was so funny. When we would get lost trying to find our room she would say, ‘Where are you going?’ and smile, and we’d smile back and say, ‘Oh, just wondering, you wouldn’t think we were lost,’ and smile. Every time we would leave and come back it was like she knew we were in the vicinity. She would always put up her hand and crinkle her finger back and forth signaling for us to come towards her, and we’d smile and head her way, thanking her for looking out for us.

“Her compassion and kindness she showed my husband was so genuine. She was always so willing to answer any questions. When I read this story to my husband, I looked to see he was crying, and he said, ‘She was pretty special.'”

—A grateful patient


    • Lisa Hughes, RN is one of the best nurses in Orthopedics @ UIHC. She is always on top of patient & family needs.

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