Grateful patient letter: Taryn Mcguire is ‘impossible to forget’

Taryn McGuire, RN, MSN, a nurse on the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit, was recently nominated for a DAISY Award by a patient, who said:

“Taryn was my mother’s nurse when my mother was in critical condition. When I arrived to my mom’s ICU room, Taryn immediately greeted my mom’s husband and I. She explained everything that was done for her and the plans for her care. Not only did she look better, but she looked comfortable. My mom woke up during our conversation, and Taryn quickly responded to my mom’s request. I noticed that Taryn collaborated with other staff members to help my mom.

“Taryn and respiratory therapist Jennifer Brown coordinated the weaning of oxygen. These two professionals had my mom weaned to minimal amount of support and oxygen by the end of 12 hours. Taryn also got my mom out of bed to a chair. She reinforced the importance of activity and nutrition to my mom. A truly great nurse is hard to find, difficult to part with, and impossible to forget. Thank you Taryn!”

—A grateful patient


  1. Congrats Taryn! You were an excellent nurse back in our Oaknoll days and no surprise to see you nominated for continuing that great care.

  2. So nice to be acknowledged for your care and concern Taryn. Also, to Jennifer, who I know is one of the most caring and deserved RTs.

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