Grateful patient letter: ‘Jobi has been a fabulous nurse’

A patient’s family recognized Jobi Kauffman, RN, staff nurse from UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital Level 9, for her excellent care, by saying:

“Jobi has been a fabulous nurse. There have been numerous situations where Jobi has made us feel confident in the care our child received. [Patient] is our first child, so being in the hospital has been particularly hard. Jobi has made our stay comfortable, and has taken such good care of our child. Two situations come to mind that meant so much to us. One was that Jobi helped us get clearance and necessary supplies to leave our room to go on a walk outside. This meant so much, as we had been stuck in our room for a week. Second, Jobi helped us give our child multiple baths to help remove lots of glue from her hair. This made us feel so cared for and made our child more comfortable. Our child loved having Jobi give her a bath. It was like her own personal spa day!”

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