Grateful patient letter: ‘Even the delightful ticket-booth people made our time far less stressful’

We recently received this letter from a grateful family member:

“[My mother-in-law] had a bad fall and returned to UIHC, where the doctors said she had fractured her vertebra and needed immediate surgery. She is now recovering and doing well.

“I simply had to pass on our guest experience to you. I always thought that the staff at UIHC were the best-of-the-best, and this confirmed that is still true.

“The SNICU nurses were completely accessible and happy to talk to [my mother-in-law] and take her calls 24 hours a day to check on status. The physical therapy, social workers, and unit support staff were equally superb in the care and attention we received. The surgeons, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, and residents were completely clear and supportive.

“But let’s not stop there. The staff in the cafeteria, the hosts at the desk, the lounge volunteers and even the delightful ticket-booth people in the ramp made our time pleasant and far less stressful. Frankly, anytime we were in the hallway and looked the least bit lost someone came and asked to help us.

“I could not miss the opportunity to let you and all the UIHC team know what a superb care experience we have had.”

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  1. I love that the cafeteria staff, volunteers and lounge staff also got a shout out along with the clinical staff. We are all in this together.

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