Grateful patient comments from early August 2015

These grateful patient comments have been listed here as they were sent in from patient surveys, collected the first two weeks in August 2015.

Dr. Beyer goes out of her way to make it convenient.

Carol was extremely thorough & informative & knowledgeable.

Courtney and Amanda were by far the best nurses I’ve EVER had!

Courtney is so sweet with great positive energy!

Diane Elas was very thorough and gentle with exam.

Doctor Duran and Doctor Lafevere took the time to answer my questions and prepare me for my upcoming surgery.

Dr. Beck is an EXCELLENT PHYSICIAN, very thorough and covers everything, caring – wish ALL PHYSICIANS could be like her – smart and am THANKFUL I can be her PATIENT!

Dr. Bollier was great, very knowledgeable, great bedside manner, and the procedure he did healed great.

Dr. Bradley is a wonderful doctor, very concerned about me.

Dr. Cromwell – Excellent in explaining my medical problems & test/CT scan results.

Dr. Fisher is the best of the best in many ways:  Professional, attitude, patience.

Dr. Furguson’s nurse Cathy/Catherine stayed with us – very helpful.

Dr. Gebska shows genuine concern about my medical problems.

Dr. Hanna is very patient & kind to my daughter. She is very comfortable with him – He always explains this well to both of us!

Dr. Jogerst, great ‘bedside’ manner. Doesn’t talk down to me.

Dr. Johnson is one of the most caring, competent and respectful physicians I’ve ever had!

Dr. Kresowick has a way of making you feel like the only patient she has that day… very present.

Dr. Miller is very sweet.  I was very hesitant to change from our previous PCP, as you’re really liked her also, but I was really impressed with Dr. Miller and look forward to having her as my kids’ PCP.

Dr. Shriver is confident and proficient – friendly & concerned.

Dr. Skelly has been my primary care physician for more than a decade. She understands my need for appointments at specific dates. She is a caring excellent doctor.

Dr. Skelly is always focused and detail-oriented.

Dr. Takacs is very attentive and is very easy to talk with, it always seems like she has the answers! Excellent!

Dr. Tricot and his team provide me with my health care road map – very well orchestrated! Total confidence in them!

Dr. Tricot’s specialty nurse and other providers also do an excellent job returning calls, e-mails.

Dr. Voight is professional and amazing! High respect!

Gayle is highly sensitive to my needs as a patient. I really felt she looked at me as a whole person!

Gayle Wallace did an excellent job of seeing my teenage daughter and explaining in terms she understood.

Gayle Wallace is VERY caring and holds high respect for me as a patient.

Gayle Wallace represents University of Iowa on a very positive manner. Her patient rapport is exemplary.

Jill is a great care provider very helpful – kind.

Kathy is professional, kind, and knowledgeable.

Krista Smith listens so well, shows so much empathy, and comes up with good solutions and/or suggestions.

Mary Ellen in the cancer clinic has shown incredible kindness and professionalism repeatedly.

Paula and the rest of the team are so caring and helpful. For someone with a bad prognosis – these people always make you feel you are so special & will get the very best care.

Shelly Flynn is a top-notch provider who has helped my son regain a normal teenage life. She is an amazing provider!

Teena Davis-Van Daele is professional, compassionate and thorough nurse – excellent and caring!

All staff were very kind, courteous and helpful. Dr. Olson was very kind, patient, gentle and explained what was going on and what to expect and why.

All was good Dr. Kreder knows how to speak to a person.

Cancer pain is the worst but Dr. Tricot and his team always assess and adjust to keep me as comfortable as possible.

Carol Sheetz. She’s wonderful, knowledgeable, and kind.

Centralized scheduler and Dr. Shelly were VERY accommodating – Thank you!

Cheryl is wonderful about getting my vitals while we wait for the NP.  I am always the first appointment of the day and Cheryl is so sweet and has that all down so I am ready when the NP is.

Christi Carter, MD, was marvelous!! she took so much time with us and genuinely showed concern and professionalism!

Courtesy and care shown by Dr. Greiner and staff

Courtney always goes above and beyond for [patient name removed]. She listens and gives wonderful advice. [Patient] feels heard and cared for.

Danni and Amy are awesome. They are friendly, helpful, and consistently provide great service.

Doctor Stone has taken care of several skin cancers that I have had and has always seen that I get the medical attention needed to deal with the conditions I have had.

Dr Agrawal  always allow us plenty of time to answer questions and address concerns. He is knowledgeable and seems to very much care about his patients.

Dr Agrawal’s kindness and knowledge

Dr Callaghan. I am so confident in his knowledge and ethics that I could go to him even if he didn’t have such relational qualities. He is engaging and caring and I appreciate all of those qualities, but my quality of life because of my surgeries done by him are better–which is the most important quality.

Dr Erickson saw me on short notice and took care of my problem right away.

Dr Gehrs is a very nice, friendly, professional, and a very good person and physician. It is always nice to see her!

Dr Greiner shows through talking to us and his professionalism, he truly enjoys doing what he does and we appreciate him VERY much!

Dr Hoffman explaining everything to me and his concerns about everything that’s going on.

Dr Hoffman is a wonderful, caring doctor.

Dr Hoth is an amazing Dr. He really listens to what I am saying, explains what he thinks and helps me to understand whatever I ask. He is very knowledgeable, and if more needs to be done to get answers he explains what needs to be done and why. I like UI Hospitals, staff and facility, but if Dr Hoth leaves for another hospital I will follow him.

Dr Sindt is very courteous. The front desk staff is equally so. Lady at check-in desk was very friendly, funny and put me at ease right away.

Dr. Westernann is awesome! She takes the time to listen & does not make you feel rushed. She does an excellent job responding back to questions I have asked via MyChart. She is an excellent patient advocate. I have referred 5 of my friends/co-workers & all of them are very impressed with her.

Dr. Agrawal always allows plenty of time to thoroughly answer questions I address.

Dr. Bieber is a competent and compassionate physician. I felt like he ordered the appropriate tests, communicated the results of the tests, and prescribed medication to alleviate my physical problem. I felt cared about and respected.

Dr. Boldt is very patient, nice, understanding, explains everything well. Very good Dr.

Dr. Brown seemed straightforward, knowledgable, caring, and used plain language.

Dr. Chris Goerdt is a gem who listens to me carefully and helps me understand the issues involved very clearly.

Dr. Connett and Kevin the pharmacist make me feel like the most important patient they have. They encourage me to be compliant and are proud of my progress as a new Type II diabetic

Dr. Davis communicates with other providers & coordinates care & appointment times with them.

Dr. Doelle was very attentive and understanding of my daughter and her mental and physical issues.

Dr. Femino and Unni Stuart are very nice and helpful. They answered my questions and my concerns regarding my upcoming foot surgery.

Dr. Griener is great! My husband and I felt very comfortable with her since day 1 of our OB visits. We know we will in great care throughout the pregnancy.

Dr. Gwendolyn Roth was excellent and very concerned and wanted to find out the cause right away. Tests and biopsy was done and I was called with the results as soon as the came in to her. I totally trust her to take care of my condition.

Dr. Hoth. He is a great doctor. Spends plenty of time with me, answers my questions, and explains everything thoroughly. I feel well-respected and confident that I am receiving excellent care.

Dr. Hothwas very good at explaining results and providing reasons for their occurrence and possible solutions.

Dr. Johnson was very concise in his explanation of my condition and the options that were available, and very factual in what he thought was the best decision at the time.

Dr. Lawler and her nurse. Very nice, knowledgeable, respectful, caring, …………..  They are wonderful!

Dr. Lawler was wonderful, caring, knowledgeable, and respectful! I would recommend her in a heartbeat!

Dr. Liu and his residents are amazing! They are all so nice, professional and caring. I would recommend them to anyone.

Dr. Mahagan is very knowledgeable, pleasant, thorough, caring, professional. He was a resident with Dr. Gears, and I had care from him when I first came to the clinic.  When Dr. Gears left, I was happy I was assigned to him.

Dr. Metveeva was excellent at listening to my problems and concerns and offered great services to help with them. She took a lot of time to do full examinations at a comfortable pace, considering it was quite extensive.

Dr. Nau is a surgeon that I went to see concerning Hiatal Hernia laproscopic surgery. He was very helpful and clear. I am considering doing the surgery based on his expertise and kindness in explaining everything to me.

Dr. Nisly, she is the most compassionate doctor I’ve ever seen.

Dr. Russell is so personable and caring. He puts you at ease and instills confidence in what he tells you. His friendly smile is comforting.

Dr. Selby was calm, polite, efficient, and friendly. He made me feel relaxed and like he really cared how I was feeling and about my concerns. He also was very good at teaching when it came to my procedures with the resident. I did not feel like I was an experiment but that he was making sure I knew what was happening as well as explaining to the resident.

Dr. Stockdale’s care, compassion, and knowledge.

Dr. Wald is excellent in knowledge, courtesy, and explanation of action to be taken next

Dr. Hill was very nice and explained things well.

Erin Caster has gone and continues to go above and beyond to help me schedule appointments that work best for me. I really appreciate her effort.

Everyone at Dr. Kresowick’s office is caring, supportive, and helpful.

Everyone is so courteous, respectful, and caring. Dr. Maasen is a wonderful provider with an excellent team.

Extremely pleased with the help I have received from Dr. Davis. She shows the utmost respect and patience with me and always works at resolving the situation until it is fixed. Thank you!

H. Harris is very friendly and seems like she cares about helping you, even for problems that are minor and that she can easily solve.

I always enjoy coming to visit with Dr. Wold. He is thorough, explains everything well, is exceptionally polite, and makes me feel at ease.

I always have a good experience with Dr. Stone and her staff. They assess me each visit and take the necessary steps on the day of my visit rather than scheduling me to return for testing – very efficient operation. The resident doctor (from Tennessee) was also extremely helpful and took time to listen and seemed to genuinely care like Dr. Stone does….she even called with results of my test very quickly. The dorm clinic should be a model of all clinics on how to run an efficient operation while still presenting a caring attitude. The medical assistant are also extremely efficient as are check in staff. I wish all of the clinics were run that efficiently but great for derm that they have figured it out!!

I appreciated all the staff members; they were caring and compassionate. Dr. Bieber listened and ordered tests which helped him make the decision what my diagnosis was and what medication would be best for my problem. I saw a medical student who was helpful. Dr. Bieber helped guide the student in a respectful,encouraging manner.

I came to Dr. Goodheart on recommendations. My experience with my visits in my surgery and follow-ups I would recommend him highly to to anyone. He explained everything clearly and kept at it until I understood all I needed to know. I am very thankful for the amount of time he spent making sure I understood everything and I was comfortable with the choices I made. I am very glad that Dr. good heart was my surgeon and is my doctor

I enjoy Dr White very much. I am very glad she is my physician. Very caring, courteous, and thorough

I feel very confident in Dr. Silverman and her staff. I most often feel comforted regarding my situation when I leave.

I had a very kind tech Sally who made me feel at ease. Also RN Lois expressed genuine caring and kindness during a clinic visit.

I had an x-ray and then met with Dr. Skelly for results – same day – right after. Excellent.

I had Chad as a nurse, and he worked with me to get me on the schedule same day. He was wonderful from phone call to visit. Thank you, Chad!

I have an auto-immune disease that is painful and pernicious and so it means a lot to me that Dr. Swick and his staff listen to my concerns and have earned my complete trust.

I have annual appointments with Dr. Folk and he always takes the time to explain my symptoms and the examination results. I have great confidence in his professional ability.

I have been a physician (gastroenterologist and then radiologist) for 30 years. Dr. Beck has been my wife’s and my physician for about fifteen years. To us she is the ideal physician, knowledgeable, respectful, empathetic, and as efficient as the system allows. We tell our friends about her and feel blessed that she is our physician. When there have been urgent issues, she has called us at home to check on us. We cannot say enough good things about her. She represents the absolute best in medical care. UIHC is lucky to have such a dedicated physician.

I love all the entertainment for kids in and around the rooms on the walls, in waiting room. I like that dr. Ciliberto is able to talk to us in language we understand, he listens and has good response time when we call with questions. we found it was harder to trust another doctor when we came in for emergency, so we have arelationship that is working for our son’s care. He understands what our son is experiencing and helps us deal with it. we are grateful.

I love Dr Christensen and her gentleness with all my children.

I really like Dr. Dierkson because she spends time with me and doesn’t rush me. I feel she really listens to me.

I really like Dr. Greiner. He is always very friendly and so are his interns, residents, and fellows. The experience is always pleasant.

I really like Laura Dellos she has listened to my issues and is working with me to monitor for issues.

I saw Heidi Barnhardt on this visit.She is one of two PAs that I have the most confidence in. (Karen A. also) They both have patience with my questions and have good suggestions on treating my symptoms.

I was seen almost as soon as I reached the waiting room by the tech person, followed by the chief resident and then Dr. Oetting. Dr. Oetting recommended a new test that took place on site, immediately, and he followed up with the results right after that. I’m very satisfied with the care of the entire team–very thorough, very interactive and informative.

I would say Dr. Alicia’s manner & concern were exceptional.

I’ve been going to Iowa City for over a year now and I have to say Dr. Thurtell is by far the best Dr. I see there. He is very thorough with me & he definitely takes the time to explain everything. So I want to say a special thank you to Dr. Thurtell and his staff.

I’ve seen a lot of drs. Dr White is by far the best dr I’ve had for a while. She listens to me and tries to figure out what the problem is and sees what she can do to help me.

Love Dr Ray! She is really nice, understanding, and full of good/helpful info. Spends good amount of time with me every time I come in. I never feel rushed.

My experience with Dr. Chandan Reddy has been wonderful. Not only is he personable, he remembers specific details about me and my life every time I visit. Also, he is an awesome surgeon. He did a procedure on my arm that could have the potential to restore my hand to full function from a claw state. Not only did the claw go away, I have been getting full feeling in all my fingers. Dr. Reddy’s level of care is top notch, that is why I drive almost 2 hours to see him for my arms/neurological issues.

Nurse Amos is very good with his job – getting everything ‘lined-up.’

Nurse Denise Haury on first visit–was caring and kind and knowledgeable about my problem. Dr Eppsteiner also on this visit answered all my questions, was unhurried and kind. Both great people and experiences.

Personally the best thing about the clinic is Dr. Thurtell. He has great bed side manor and does an excellent job at explaining what’s doing on with your vision. And he definitely knows what he’s doing.

Reed Trettin did a very thorough job explaining the care options and the pro and cons of those options. He was treating me for a specific orthopedic injury; he is not my general primary care provider (who is also very good.)

Reed was excellent – I can’t say enough about what a great job he did asking and LISTENING to my history and symptoms. He explained exactly what he was doing during the physical exam which made me feel confident in his abilities and findings. He was respectful of my thoughts, he paid attention to the feedback I provided about my symptoms.

Shawna is a wonderful provider – always has time to talk, address concerns. Very thorough – a great doc!!!

She listened to every concern with care and understanding – this assistant does a great job (Julie Meyer).

So far, I have had nothing but positive things to say about Dr. Ward and the majority of the staff.  She always answers all of my questions and never makes my concerns seem trivial.

Staff and Dr. Beck were courteous and helpful. No delays.

That was the shortest waiting time I’ve ever had at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics!!! I spent only 1 minute in the waiting room to get into my appointment, and Dr. Allen was right there when we were done collecting medical history… Excellent job!

The doctor and staff. Dr. Peske is very warm and we love her. Very good with my daughter.

The follow up call with test results was very quick and friendly. A second call was placed by Dr. Selby himself to make sure I didn’t have any questions and check on my progress – that was much appreciated.

The friendliness and kindness of Dr. Schriver.

The friendliness of the hygeinist and Dr. Hill.

The great care the nurses and Dr. Karam showed and really explaining things.

The kindness and caring Dr. Arlen showed for Claire.

The nursing staff was awesome! Dr. Arlen is so nice and explains everything really well. She was great with Patrick (he’s only 5 mo).

The professionalism and friendliness of Michelle.

The provider I saw Diana Besler – She took a lot of time to explain things to me.

The receptionists, nurses, and Dr. Mo are amazing and always treat me with the greatest respect.

The resident I saw (Nate S) was kind, considerate, and very professional. He promptly cares for me and answered all my questions. Would absolutely recommend him.

The secretary, Laurie [sp.?], has always been quite professional and pleasant no matter how many tasks were at hand

This visit, from scheduling the appointment to checking out, was well coordinated–with the team sharing information each step as I saw different providers. I ave already recommended Dr. Oetting to a friend.

This was my first visit with Dr. Bolger. My husband and I really liked the amount of time she spent with us answering our questions and making us feel at ease.

Traci Stewart has been amazing helper!!!! She has has helped me to get appointments and made it possible for me to be a patient! She deserves a medal!

Unni and Dr. Femino were friendly and the cast ladies were a hoot. The people in the clinic make it a good place to go.

Very good rapport between Dr. Liu and his fellows and residents! Good to see respect among colleagues!

We really appreciated that Dr. Arlen took the time to go over Claire’s history to better understand and correctly diagnose her problem, so we can finally get the help she needs after having spent the last 5 years dealing with the issue.