COVID-19 Safety Guidelines
Published on 6/17/2020

An overview of our safety policy and details on our expectations for employees on face coverings, social distancing, hygiene, and more.

View more details on our COVID-19 Safety & PPE page.

Employee safety standards

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Face coverings

All UI Health Care employees, students, learners, volunteers, and contractors in our facilities must wear face coverings at all times while in our facilities unless they are alone in a private office.

Face shields are required to be worn at all times by all employees, students, learners, volunteers, and contractors. Your face shield is your first line of defense.

In addition, employees must wear a face covering when entering or exiting a UI Health Care facility. Employees may wear their face shield and/or a medical-grade or cloth mask as they enter and exit. If an employee does not have a covering, one will be provided.

Employees who have face-to-face patient contact (within six feet) or who work in patient-facing areas should use medical-grade face masks in addition to their face shields. These medical-grade masks will be made available in the clinical areas.

Read more about face coverings and personal protective equipment.

Social distancing

Social distancing (keeping at least 6 feet apart) should be practiced at all times (even when wearing your face shield/mask!).

Read more about social distancing.

Hand hygiene and personal hygiene

You should wash your hands often (with hand sanitizer or soap and water) and avoid touching your face. Hand sanitizer stations are located throughout campus.

In clinical settings:

  • Keep arms bare below the elbows in order to avoid sleeve contamination. This means that there should be nothing on your forearms, including wrist jewelry and watches. If you wear a long-sleeved shirt, roll up the sleeves.
  • Neckties, scarves, and long necklaces should not be worn.
  • Tie or clip up long hair.
  • Wipe down your stethoscope after each use.
Hygiene of shared spaces and high-touch items

Make sure that you’re taking extra care to keep your work spaces and high-touch items (like your phone, keyboard, mouse, badge, etc.) clean.

Shared work spaces should be cleaned before and after use.

View surface cleaning and disinfection guidelines.

View our guide to cleaning common high-touch items.




Be mindful of your own health. Take your temperature twice daily, and do not come into work if you have the following symptoms. Instead, call ahead to the University Employee Health Clinic at 319-356-3631. Please do not arrive in person unless you’ve been told to do so for follow-up.

Any of these symptoms:

  • Fever of 100.0° F or greater
  • Cough
  • Shortness of breath or difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of taste or smell

Or at least two of these symptoms: 

  • Headache
  • Unexplained muscle pain or body aches
  • Chills
Entry screening

Staff are expected to pass through a health screening before entering a UI Health Care facility. Your temperature will be taken to detect fever and you’ll be asked several questions.