What are the top 10 languages (after English) spoken at UI Hospitals and Clinics?

Last week’s poll question on The Loop asked people to identify five languages that were in the top 10 (after English) spoken at UI Hospitals and Clinics. Following are the languages from which participants could choose. We received 376 responses.

Arabic (received 68 responses; 18 percent)

Bosnian (received 37 responses; 10 percent)

Chinese (received 65 responses; 17 percent)

Farsi (received 19 responses; 5 percent)

German (received 19 responses; 5 percent)

Hindi (received 38 responses; 10 percent)

Russian (received 21 responses; 6 percent)

Somali (received 28 responses; 7 percent)

Swahili (received 43 responses; 11 percent)

Vietnamese (received 38 responses; 10 percent)



In FY 2015, of the 260,338 patients who received care at UI Hospitals and Clinics, nearly a quarter million primarily spoke English, but 10 other languages had more than 100 speakers.

Spanish               3,546

Chinese                1,807

Arabic                      817

French                     534

Nepali                      286

Korean                     281

Vietnamese            198

Swahili                     186

Bosnian                    142

American Sign Language           128



How did you do?

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