Voalte unveils new changes; see training schedule

That ringtone is unmistakable—and frequent. The 3,500 Voalte phones in use at UI Hospitals and Clinics carry more than a million text messages every month. And about 65,000 phone calls. The Voalte Clinical Communications System has become crucial to how we care for our patients.

That system will soon get even better. Voalte has incorporated innovative and useful features in a new platform upgrade. These new features make everyday activities simpler and more convenient. Here are just a few:

  • Dual log-in: You can be a charge nurse and a staff nurse on the same device
  • Status updates that tell your team when you’re busy
  • Different ringtones depending on a message’s importance
  • Group messaging for a fast and easy “reply all”
  • Simpler interface: swipe left to call, swipe right to text


These changes will take effect in June, and you’ll want to take advantage of these excellent new features as soon as they’re available. Training will start Monday, May 22.

See the classroom training schedule and sign up instructions. You can also participate in one of the elbow to elbow sessions on a unit.

All Voalte users are strongly encouraged to get the training you will need to immediately implement the new features. Voalte is an exceptional communication tool that directly impacts patient care, and we want to tap into its full potential.