Updates to the peripherally inserted central catheter (PICC) service

Effective Aug. 6, 2019, a new practice and protocol for the PICC service went into effect for adult patients. The updates are part of our continuous quality improvement efforts, so you can continue to provide care that is patient-centered and safe.

Under the new practice, most patients will no longer need a chest X-ray to confirm PICC placement. PICC lines are now placed using 3CG/EKG technology. The new practice will enable most PICC’s to be released for use immediately after placement reducing the amount of time our patients have to wait to initiate certain treatments and therapies.

The 3CG/EKG technology will not work on patients with A fib/flutter, paced rhythms, extensive hardware, or other electrical interference. In those instances, the PICC team will order a chest X-ray “per protocol.”

As before, a finalized PICC procedure note confirms the line is OK for use.

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  1. Will home health agencies who are going to be using the PICC accept this and agree to use it without a CXR? Their PICC line policies may state that placement must be documented with a CXR.

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