Updated face covering guidelines: We break down what you need to wear and when

Effective Monday, March 22, eye protection for employees is only required when providing facetoface patient care, though you may choose to wear your eye protection (like a face shield) in addition to your mask at any time. 

We break down the changes in the document below. Remember, in all patient care areas, even when not providing direct patient care, a medical-grade mask is still required. 

And a face mask (medical-grade or cloth) is required in all other locations and instances across campus.

Click to enlarge or download a copy.

Why we’re making these changes

We are continuing to simplify our personal protective equipment (PPE) guidelines in order to keep you safe and make it easy for you to do your work, by focusing on face masks in all areas except when you are providing face-to-face care to patientsDuring face-to-face patient care encounters, we feel it is necessary to continue to have eye protection. We will continue to evolve and make decisions with safety as our top priority.

Safety resources

View more information about our safety guidelines and resources on our Safety and PPE page or on our We Stand for Safety Hub.