UI Staff Council meeting key points, January 2019

Working@Iowa survey results

Kevin Ward, Senior Director, HR Policy and Administration, presented the results of the most recent Working At Iowa survey. This survey is distributed to all UI employees every two years, and supports productivity and retention of university staff and faculty. Survey responses provide an understanding of the strengths of our work culture, and identify opportunities to support our organizational mission and strategic goals. Here are some key points of the survey results:

  • University of Iowa faculty and staff continue to report a high level of engagement with their work in support of the university’s mission and strategic goals
  • Past areas of strength continue to be reflected in results: knowing work expectations, how their role fits into the overall mission of the university, that individuals are treated with respect and they recommend the UI to friends seeking employment
  • New in 2018 were nine additional survey items asking individuals to report their physical, mental, and emotional engagement with their work. This additional data will help the university, colleges, and divisions to prioritize workplace practices or conditions that are most likely to support engagement

The full report can be found here, and the executive summary here.

Upon completion of Kevin Ward’s delivery of the Working@Iowa Survey results UI Staff Council president Michael Hesseltine personally thanked all councilors for their additional contributions to fellow staff outside their daily roles; noting his recognition and appreciation for their efforts.

UI PAC Leadership Development

Glenda Smith, training and education coordinator, UI Patient Access Center provided an overview on their highly popular Leadership Development Course, which has been delivered since 2016. With the growth of the Patient Access Center (PAC) department and staffing, many new “lead” roles were being added in the scheduling department, precipitating the need to expand on leadership skills training. Using resources from the UI Learning and Development library, a custom course was developed that was “fit for purpose” for the PAC.

The course involves a progression of eight modules that are designed to develop leadership skills and define professional behaviors. A final capstone presentation is lead by each participant at graduation. The course is an interactive learning environment incorporating hands-on activities, projects, and presentations, designed to promote leadership growth.

Key benefits of the course include:

  • Assist employees in understanding the organization’s overall vision.
  • Provide a new perspective for how their role fits within the larger health care structure.
  • Demonstrate how their role positively affects their peers and the organization’s goals as a whole.
  • Instill communication methods which promote a managerial level of interaction.
  • Ensure coaching and staff development practices align with the UI Health Care mission.
  • Provide a better understanding of how to adapt their training style to the various thinking and learning methods of the individual adult learner.
  • Deliver leadership skills that may provide skills for further advancement opportunities.
  • Build confidence with speaking in front of their peers/groups

Participant feedback has been extremely positive and both turnover and vacancy rates have improved in the PAC since the introduction of the Leadership Development Course.

Clothing Closet

Staff councilors dropped off donations of professional attire at the January Staff Council meeting. When you dig into spring cleaning and find yourself with a pile of professional clothing for give-away, please consider donating these items to the Clothing Closet, located at the IMU. Help support their mission to provide undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Iowa with access to quality, new or used, professional clothing at no cost. For location details and hours, please see: leadandserve.uiowa.edu/organizations/clothing-closet