Too many emails? You can now opt out of some UI emails

Update, March 2019:

In the new Employee Self Service, this option is now found under “My Self Service,” then “Settings,” and click on “Mass Email Filter Settings.”

See screenshot to the right.

Original post, July 2018:

UI employees may now choose which optional UI mass emails they would like to receive. Log in to Employee Self Service, and under General, click on “mass email filter settings.” Select your choices from there.

Legacy Self Service view

This mass mail filter was developed in response to faculty, clinician, and staff recommendations to reduce the volume of email they receive. UI Health Care has already reduced the number of broadcast emails sent out by about 250 a year, but UI email comes from a different source.

While some UI mass mail will always be mandatory (for example, annual notifications and public safety information), the following categories are optional:

  • Student organizations—Academic
    Primarily recognized student organizations with an academic focus not limited to the Undergraduate Collegiate Senate or the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. Some examples include the Iowa Student Bar Association, Minority MBA Association, Honor Societies such as Mortar Board, National Society of Black Engineers, Political Science Club, or Pre-Physical Therapy Organization.
  • Student organizations—Non-academic
    Primarily for recognized student organizations with an activity focus not limited to the Undergraduate Activities Senate or the Graduate and Professional Student Senate. Some examples include the Black Student Union, Scuba Club, Scottish Highlanders, SHARQ, or Science Fiction League.
  • Departmental information
    Primarily information from departments about events and activities that might be of interest to campus, not limited to Hancher Auditorium, Stanley Museum of Art, Athletics, Recreational Services, the Dance Department, Theater, etc.
  • Research recruitment
    Messages for the purpose of recruiting subject participants for research studies that have been approved by one of the UI Institutional Review Boards.

If you’ve already opted out of these mailings, you do not need to send another request. Read more about the UI’s policy on mass email.


  1. I went under General but there is no link called mass mail options to click on. Is this available to everyone?

    • Good catch, it’s actually called “mass email filter settings.” I updated the post to reflect that, and am adding a screen shot… it should be available to everyone. Let us know if you still can’t find it.

  2. I went in and un-checked all the boxes and clicked on Update mail preferences and it automatically put a check mark back in each box. I’ve tried this several times and get the same result.

  3. I clicked on this link & unchecked the ones I do not wish to receive emails & then clicked on the update button, but all that happened was everything I unchecked was checked again and no way to tell if my choices were accepted.

    • I tried it in Chrome on a Mac, and it appeared to work–so this issue may only be affecting certain browsers. A green line of text appeared at the top of the page after I hit the update button: “Your massmail filter settings have been saved.”

  4. ITS rolled out a fix that should solve the issue that some users were having. Let us know if anyone still has that issue.

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