The Joint Commission arrives for full survey

This week we are welcoming The Joint Commission for a five-day visit as they conduct a full survey of UI Hospitals & Clinics.

The last full survey by The Joint Commission occurred in September 2016. The Joint Commission conducts full surveys every three years, and research shows that hospitals that voluntarily choose to be accredited by The Joint Commission have superior outcomes.

Our staff and faculty have been hard at work preparing for this visit, ready for the opportunity to showcase how we provide safe, high quality care, and excellent service to our patients.

Areas of focus to expect during the survey include:

  • High level disinfection and sterilization
  • Suicide prevention
  • Care planning and patient education
  • Medication and supply storage
  • Clean and uncluttered environment
  • Medication orders
  • Construction sites and life safety measures

At least ten surveyors are expected to visit this week, conducting a significant number of patient tracers that will review the full continuum of a patient’s care, and checking for compliance with numerous standards.

Remember RACE, PASS, and hospital emergency numbers (195, 199) and know the location of your nearest fire extinguisher. Secure oxygen cylinders. Don’t block egress corridors, fire exit doors, electrical panels, or med gas valves. Learn more and find staff resources on The Point.

For more information about The Joint Commission survey, please contact your supervisor. Please forward any news media calls regarding this matter to Tom Moore, Media Relations, at 319-356-3945. Thank you again for your assistance during the survey.