‘Stop. Think.’ text being removed from emails

HCIS is removing the ** STOP. THINK. External Email ** reminder from the body of external emails starting July 7. All emails that come from non-UI sources will continue to be marked with an [External] tag in the subject line. Use your good sense and don’t click on questionable links.

HCIS consistently collects data on phishing schemes and other email scams to develop more effective programs to combat them. We will continue to look for effective reminders to prevent disruptions to our organization’s cyber safety.

Sophisticated new cyber-attacks—often spread by clicking links in malicious emails—are causing havoc worldwide. These attacks emphasize the need to pay attention to potential threats to our cyber safety. Clicking on a link can expose your computer to a serious virus, cause other UI Health Care computers to become infected, and lead to outages.

Hackers and scammers are getting better and better at their jobs. It is crucially important that we all get better, too.