Staff lactation rooms and resources for new moms

Lactation rooms are scattered throughout UI Health Care buildings, and they provide spaces for lactating employees and hospital volunteers to express breastmilk.

Locations and access to rooms

See a full list of campus lactation rooms open to UI employees and volunteers.

Request access ahead of time—so you’re not stuck waiting for access when you come back to work your first day and need it most! To gain access:

Some departments or work areas have a room for their own staff, so ask your administrator if this is the case for your work area.

Please encourage patients and visitors to use the public lactation room on the first floor of UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital. No special access is needed for this room.

Pumps and accessories

Employees may bring their own portable breast pump, or they may use one of the Medela Symphony breast pumps (hospital grade), which are available in most campus lactation rooms.

If employees choose to use the pump provided, they need to bring their own accessories (tubing, shields, and bottles), which can be purchased online.

Departments may also borrow a Medela breast pump if they have an extra office to turn into a temporary lactation room. Contact UI Family Services at or 319-335-1371.

Breastfeeding support and resources