Sharing more COVID-19 data with you

Starting today, we are providing the total number of UI Health Care employees who have self-reported to the University Employee Health Center that they have tested positive for COVID-19. The overwhelming majority of these individuals appear to have acquired COVID 19 via community transmission. Keep in mind as you view these numbers that, as community transmission of COVID-19 increases, determining whether health-care-worker (HCW) infections are acquired in the workplace or in the community becomes more difficult. Also, per CDC guidance, symptomatic health care workers are often prioritized for COVID-19 testing.  For that reason, the population tested for COVID at UI Health Care represents a larger proportion of HCWs compared to the community population.

As prevalence of the virus grows in the community, it is extremely important that every member of our faculty and staff always follows safe practices to avoid COVID-19. Help keep each other safe by:

  • Wearing the appropriate PPE
  • Wearing your face shield
  • Staying six feet away from others
  • Washing your hands frequently and thoroughly
  • Not touching your face

See the full daily report on the COVID-19 By The Numbers page