Service pagers now available for Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery has implemented service pagers for divisions within the department. These are the primary means of communication for each division and can be used 24/7 to communicate with providers caring for patients on those services. These pagers are all searchable on Smart Web and posted at most nursing stations across the hospital.

Additional signs, hand-outs, and education sessions can be provided by reaching out to

These pagers should be answered 24/7 by the correct provider taking care of patients on specific divisions within the department of surgery. If you are not receiving a timely response, please defer back to SmartWeb to look up individual provider to page.

Service/Division Pager #
Emergency General Surgery (EGS):

– Faculty: Allan, Bertellotti, Choi, Erdahl, Garcia, Granchi, Khullar, Mashruwala, McGonagill, Skeete

Floor – 5275

ICU – 2263

Consult – 3565

Trauma Surgery:

– Faculty: Allan, Bertellotti, Choi, Garcia, Granchi, Khullar, Mashruwala, McGonagill, Skeete

Floor/ICU – 5644

Senior – 5249

Burn Surgery:

– Faculty: Bertellotti, Granchi, Mashruwala, Wibbenmeyer

Colorectal Surgery (CRS):

– Faculty: Cromwell, Hrabe, Kapadia, Rupp

Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS):

– Faculty: Cullen, Lehmann, Nau, Samuel, Smith

Breast Surgery:

– Faculty: Erdahl, Lizarraga, Sugg

Surgical Oncology 1 (SO1)

– Faculty: Howe, Weigel, Lal

Surgical Oncology 2 (SO2)

– Faculty: Chan, Hoshi, Sherman, Sugg

Plastic Surgery:

– Faculty: Chen, Fisher, Keith, Lawrence, Odobescu

Transplant Surgery:

– Faculty: Axelrod, Hemming, Katz, Reed

Vascular Surgery:

– Faculty: Hosn, Kresowik, Nicholson, Sharafuddin,

Sharp, Weger, Xu