Recognizing Perioperative Nurses Week

Have you or a loved one ever had a surgical procedure? Perhaps more than one? If so, you have personally been cared for by a perioperative nurse. This specialized group of nurses continuously works—often behind the scenes—to ensure patient safety before, during, and after surgery. For each patient, these nurses commit to providing excellent, evidence-based care for all patients who require a surgical procedure.

Here is a short snapshot of a day in the life of a perioperative nurse:

Before surgery begins, the nurse verifies the patient’s understanding of the surgery. This is done while completing a safety checklist in order to provide safe patient care.

In the operating room, the nurse maintains safe care and advocates for the patient who is asleep under anesthesia and unable to speak for themselves.

Once the procedure is done, the nurse provides an environment for a safe emergence from anesthesia.

As the patient begins to re-orient to their surroundings—with pain and nausea commonly occurring—the nurse is by the patient’s side.

A perioperative nurse is there through it all with one person in mind—the patient.

Celebrating our perioperative nurses

Although a patient may not remember the nurses that they interacted with throughout a surgery, credit is due to these individuals who strive for excellence. Every year, the Association of Perioperative Registered Nurses (AORN) chooses one week to put the spotlight on this specialized group of nurses. This year, the week is celebrated Nov. 10–16, taking time to recognize the hard work and continued commitment to patient safety by this team.

Please join us in celebrating perioperative nurses and their dedication to safe patient care for 2019 Perioperative Nurse Week.