Recent patient comments about ‘compassion’

Part of the December 2019 monthly Patient Experience newsletter


  • “During such a grave experiences of a personal health crisis, every step of the process has been so positive, filled with hope and compassion.”
  • “What could have been one of the scariest times in my life was made very, very reassuring and comfortable by way treated by everyone. Such compassion—they put me at ease and made me feel it would be OK.”
  • “The staff is great to work with. They are willing to laugh with you or cry with you or hold your hand if needed. Their compassion is over the top and very welcomed.”
  • “All my nurses were fantastic. Very caring, compassionate, effective. The nurses always had my best interest at heart.”
  • “All the nurses were very compassionate, skilled and concerned about their patients. Felt like family.”
  • “I was very impressed with the whole staff I had working with me. Very compassionate.”
  • “The staff is the best part. They are so respectful, caring, compassionate and love what they do. Their main goal is for their patients to succeed.”
  • “The overall efficiency without compromising compassionate care was excellent.”
  • “Everyone was very helpful during my difficult time. All doctors and staff were very good about explaining things to me in terms that I understood and showing compassion.”
  • “Everyone is very kind, compassionate, and friendly, and they genuinely seem to care about their patients.”

  Missed the mark

  • “However, staff (fellow) doctor was dismissive, and completely lacking in empathy and compassion. I felt he was irritated by having to deal with my care at all.”
  • “I think the hospital is wonderful and not everybody is perfect, it was just unfortunate that the nurse we had for our overnight stay wasn’t sympathetic or compassionate.”
  • “The nursing staff needs to be more compassionate.”
  • “More compassionate providers actually knowledgeable of the reason you came in.”
  • “I’m hoping that communication will be clear and concise when I have surgery—And I hope the staff works on patient compassion, empathy, and listening to the patient!”
  • “The receptionists do not demonstrate compassion, are not welcoming, almost rude. They are not professional dressed. I feel clinic wide you need to implement a program for your receptionists on customer service.”
  • “She might be an excellent doctor but the impression she gave was that she hates her job and could barely bring herself to pay any attention to me or my concerns. I feel I got about 2% of her attention and none of her interest or compassion.”
  • “Is just there to do her job. I am never met with a Hello or a How are you? she is in and out showing little compassion or care for why I’m being seen that day.”
  • “Was uncompassionate and uncaring. I view him as rude to me and to other staff. He was full of his own importance.”