Recent patient comments about ‘respect’: Patient Experience newsletter, Aug. 2018

Monthly updates from the Office of the Patient Experience


  • “I was treated as a person, not just a patient. The nurses treated me with respect, they cared about me and my illness.”
  • “The room attendant delivering the tray was extremely nice and thoughtful—it was a pity I didn’t catch her name. She entered the room very quietly not to wake my sleeping child and was respectful in delivery.”
  • “My husband received the highest level of care. All staff were kind, helpful, and informative. Doctors answered questions patiently and without condescension. Was treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.”
  • “The best thing was the physician’s respect of my dignity by allowing me to choose among the various treatment options involved in my care. I have full trust and faith in everyone who cared for me.”
  • “We were treated with respect and with every question that we had if the person we asked didn’t have the answer, they found someone to answer it or found the answer.”
  • “They worked seamlessly as a team. Not only were they pleasant and respectful to me as a patient, the interactions among themselves were respectful also.”
  • “The friendliness and compassion of the entire staff was beyond words! From the moment we checked in to the moment we checked out we were treated with respect, my son was comfortable and felt safe, and everything was gone over in detail. We can’t thank the whole team enough!”
  • “From the moment we walked into the hospital to the moment we left, we were treated with warmth, hospitality, and respect. Whatever you are doing in the background to make things happen, keep doing it.”
  • “Thoughtful, caring, respectful personnel in entire hospital.”

  Missed the mark

  • “We were only in the lobby for 30 minutes but we waited for the doctor to come in the room for 2 hours! Super unprofessional and disrespectful of our time.”
  • “Housekeeping and CNA weren’t respectful for noise level during night. So loud while cleaning for next patient!”
  • “It would have better if doctor was seen more often and at a respectable time (not 6:00 AM).”
  • “Was in one of the double rooms with a curtain between. The staff could have been more respectful of their talking when admitting the other patient in the middle of the night.”
  • “Family-centered should mean that you value and appreciate that parents know their children best and sometimes their intuition should be respected.”
  • “Noticed this time (and during previous visits) nurses talking to each other in halls by rooms, and it was not work related and rather boisterous. I’m glad they seem to get along at work, but it did seem kind of unprofessional or at least not suited to supporting or respecting stressed out visitors heading into or out of a procedure.”
  • “The dr. would not listen to me—they were disrespectful.”
  • “The attending we saw for a total of 15 minutes was incredibly arrogant, and we did not appreciate his comments that were disrespectful and condescending.”
  • “[The provider] just glared at me as if to say, ‘Why are you bothering me with this?'”

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