Recent patient comments about ‘paying attention’

Part of the monthly Patient Experience newsletter


  • “Wonderful nurses and nursing aides. All were so efficient and attentive. I was really impressed with their concern.”
  • “Staff were so attentive to my needs. It is emotionally and physically challenging to be a new mom and dad but the staff took great care of us and truly showed genuine compassion for our needs.”
  • “Very, very attentive, takes time with me to address concerns and has awesome personality and bedside manner.”
  • “Thorough, professional, attentive, kind, courteous, efficient care. Everyone was very accommodating in answering my questions and concerns.”
  • “Doctors and nurses were very attentive to our concerns and questions regarding my care.”
  • “Every nurse I encountered was very attentive kept me comfortable and always was there to answer any questions or concern.”
  • “I had an amazing stay. The nurses were helpful and attentive. I was taken care of in the best manner.”
  • “Thoroughness of the clinic and attention to detail. Professionalism was above and beyond reproach.”
  • “Excellent provider. Answered all questions in language I could understand, very attentive, and listened to me. She included me in decisions about my care.”
  • “I always have the feeling that everyone, receptionist to the doctor, are focused just on me, no matter what else is going on. Like I have everyone’s full attention. This is very important to me. Thank you.”

  Missed the mark

  • “The provider shows more attention to the computer than to me. I feel like she’s more interested in my data than in me.”
  • “I felt very rushed to be discharged and about 3–4 hours before discharge I felt pretty much ignored. My consumption of clear liquids was never measure while I was there.”
  • “Was ignored until night before discharge about pain in certain spot—when nurse finally looked at that incision—it was bad looking. Nurse was rude when I asked for more warm packs as was thing helping with pain relief.”
  • “Nurses RARELY checked on me except for the 2 previously mentioned.  _____ was being COMPLETELY ignored from 7:30 a.m.–1:30 p.m. on final day. NO nurse (or nurse’s name on board) even came into my room until I rang the call button at 1 p.m. and it then took 28 minutes for a nurse to come in. HORRIBLE overall experience.”
  • “I waited 50+ minutes to see the provider. She proceeded to tell me she was at lunch and no one notified her I was there, which led to a short appt. as she was not ATTENTIVE!”
  • “I felt totally ignored during this visit and felt it was a waste of time.”
  • “I was kept in the treatment room without a blanket, even though I was cold. None was offered. The door was left open. I felt totally ignored.”
  • “Originally went to the wrong information desk. Stood there watching as receptionist typed and totally ignored me. The other was on the phone and kept looking at me then waiting for her to acknowledge I was alive.”
  • “We had to wait 16 hours in the ER before being admitted. My daughter had to sleep sitting up in a hard chair. Hard to get attention for pain meds.”