Pediatric resident role assignments in Voalte

To improve provider identification, pediatric residents are now able to log into Voalte and assign themselves a clinical role, as of July 1, 2018.

Kelly Wood, MD

“Because our pediatric patients are assigned to a resident team, nursing staff and providers need to be able to quickly identify which resident is covering a particular role,” says Kelly Wood, MD, pediatric hospitalist and medical director of the Newborn Nursery. “I always thought it was convenient that you could search nursing by role in Voalte and thought, ‘Why can’t we search by provider?’”

Currently the nursing roles in Voalte are driven by HR records, but those records can be quite unclear for providers—especially for residents. To tackle the problem, a small workgroup was formed consisting of Wood (project lead), Holly Kolfenbach, Mihir Karia, Stephanie Pirkl, Robert Heitman, Beverly Vermace, and Jason Fuerst. Within a few short weeks, the group had divided providers into project phases (faculty vs. resident), found a method to identify the providers within Voalte, created a list of roles for those providers, and formed a rollout plan.

“It’s an adjustment, but once staff are aware of the search capabilities in Voalte, they find it helpful in locating the correct resident,” says Allison Whitney, MD, a pediatric chief resident. “And many of the residents we’ve spoken to really like it.”

The workgroup plans to roll out the second phase of project—implementation of roles for all providers—this fall.

“Timely communication not only improves patient care, but makes it safer, too,” says Wood.

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