Patient Experience newsletter, Dec. 2017

Monthly updates from the Office of the Patient Experience

Mindfulness during the holidays

Mindfulness can help you stay calm and manage stress during the holidays. Practicing meditation and journaling are ways to help bring focus to your day.

To be mindful, stop briefly for 5 minutes, 4 times a day. It’s a simple way to practice being present instead of doing. Bring your attention to your own breath and body in the moment.

Some ways to help you be mindful are:

Mindful breathing: As you breathe in, say that you’re breathing in. As you breathe out, say that you’re breathing out. Focus on each breath.

Concentration: Focus on your breathing during the day without allowing in other distractions. This will lead you to a state of concentration.

Body awareness: While inhaling and exhaling, become aware of the rest of your body. This will help you make a connection between your mind and body.

Releasing tension: When you’re aware of your body, it’s easier to release tension. Breathe in and say, “I’m aware of my body.” Breathe out and say, “I release the tension in my body.” Repeat this as many times as you need during the day.

Walking meditation: If you have difficulty sitting still or do not have a lot of time, a walking meditation is a great alternative to a seated meditation. Pay attention to your body as you stroll, feel, and be aware of the ground with each step you take.*

The Tigr Patient Education system has music and relaxation videos that patients can watch on their room TV, listed below. Find Tigr instructions and tips.

Title Access Code Length Category
Coastal America 352 57 min 1 sec Music, Relaxation
Enchanted Evening 353 57 min 1 sec Music, Relaxation
Celebrate America New Orleans – Part 1 354 41 min 43 Music
Celebrate America New Orleans – Part 2 355 44 min 44 sec Music
Nature’s Journey 356 1 hour 21 min 16 sec Relaxation
Perfect Serenity 357 1 hour 13 min 1 sec Relaxation

Spiritual and Interpreting Services update

Spiritual and Interpreting Services is now part of the Office of the Patient Experience. All phone calls can be directed to 319-356-1802.

The Spiritual Services staff offices have now moved to C-505 GH (Elevator B, Level 5).

Meditation rooms

There are meditation rooms for patients and staff to use when looking for a quiet space for reflection. You can come at any time, and there are mats available.

  • General Hospital Meditation Room (Elevator B, Level 1)
  • UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital Meditation Room (Level 12)

Holiday and religious events

Religious services and labyrinth walk: See a full list.

Music with a View: Tuesdays, 1 to 2 p.m., Meditation Room, UI Stead Family Children’s Hospital (Level 12). Enjoy Christmas carols from around the world and classical music with professional cellist Zoraida Oyola Rebaza. See all of December’s music performances.

Recent patient comments about listening

 Positive comments

  • “Always feel staff and doctor are truly listening to me and respecting me as a partner in my own health care.”
  • “Always very attentive–no sense of being rushed–LISTENS–great sense of humor (a must for me!).”
  • “The nurses were personable. Always had time to listen and explain.”
  • “The one thing that impressed me the most was their willingness to listen to me and show that they cared. There was times when I was depressed and they comforted me.”
  • “She is an empathetic, very kind, and knowledgeable person who has always listened to me with obvious concern. She explains things thoroughly and considerately.”
  • “We didn’t feel hurried at all. She listened to our questions and concerns and with her knowledge, we were able to make informed decisions.”
  • “The doctor was one of the most ‘comforting’ doctors I’ve had in an ER. He treated my concerns with respect and listens to them. He was very courteous and calm. He did not dismiss my being there for the reaction that I was having.”
  • “They really listened to concerns from previous surgery and followed what doctor had shared. Which made this surgery go WAY better!”
  • “The entire team/staff listened to me and approached treating ME as opposed to treating only the disease.”

 Missed the mark

  • “They didn’t listen to me!!!”
  • “I had to beg to get anyone to listen on 3rd shift. Unable to locate call button. Not happy at all.”
  • “No communication between doctors. Several different doctors come in and ask same questions–But don’t listen.”
  • “Someone entered into my record that I had a pacemaker. I do not! This led to an unnecessary chest x-ray. (Unnecessary radiation.) No one would listen to my protests.”
  • “Dr. treated me like it was all in my head that my anxiety was stupid and then I heard another dr. talk bad about a patient. Very rude, they wouldn’t listen to me, about my symptoms.”
  • “Appeared to be reviewing my records for the first time in the room. Wasn’t interested in the entire story. Failed to address my concerns, or even listen.”
  • “Felt like she didn’t listen fully to my concerns and brushed it off like I was overreacting.”
  • “I did not feel the person who scheduled my appointment listened to what ‘I’ wanted!”
  • “When I originally asked for treatment for an illness and told them how it happened, they did not seem to listen but immediately came forth with their diagnosis, which turned out to be incorrect even after three visits.”
  • “The physicians need to listen to the patients about their previous experiences with mobility, meds, anesthesia.”

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