New use of Voalte improves communication in adding resident roles

The Department of Pediatrics was looking for a way to improve communication among care teams. Patients were being assigned to resident teams, but nursing staff and providers were not able to quickly identify which resident was covering a particular role. The team experimented with adding resident roles into Voalte and after seeing initial success, they decided to expand the project.

As of Dec. 6, phase 2 of the project has been completed, and implementation of roles for all providers is now available within Voalte. Example images are below as well as login instructions.


After the implementation of resident roles, the workgroup, led by Kelly Wood, MD, pediatric hospitalist and medical director of the Newborn Nursery, surveyed some of the pediatric faculty and staff. The results of the survey were overwhelmingly positive. Of those surveyed that have used the role option, roughly 89 percent either somewhat agreed or absolutely agreed with all of the group’s five main objectives: easy to use, improve communication, determining coverage made easier, help with job, and improve quality and safety for the patients. The workgroup showcased the project and its outcomes by creating and submitting a poster to the Quality and Safety Symposium. Some of their findings are outlined below:

And roughly 96 percent preferred having the resident roles available.

“I believe the survey results demonstrate using Voalte to its full capabilities can improve things for the team. I look forward to working with other departments interested in making this change,” says quality and ops improvement engineer, Holly Kolfenbach.

If you have questions or want more information about how to implement the program in your department, email