May I access my own medical record?

UI Hospitals and Clinics uses FairWarning software to monitor employees accessing their own medical records, as well as accessing other employees’ records, in order to ensure access is appropriate.

You may view your own electronic medical record (EMR) in Epic. However, you may not alter your own medical record. Alterations include, but are not limited to:

  • Updating provider, contact, or insurance information
  • Completing infection screening
  • Drawing, scanning, or releasing lab work
  • Scheduling or checking into appointments
  • Self-prescribing

UI Hospitals and Clinics offers several alternatives to prevent EMR self-modification. You may:

  • Use MyChart
  • Contact your provider
  • Request a full paper copy of your record or modifications to your record from Release of Information Office.

May I access a co-worker’s record?

You may access a co-worker’s record only if you are directly involved in their care. It is best to have your co-worker sign a ROI. Keep in mind the following tips when accessing co-worker information:

  • Access on a “need to know” basis only.
  • Access only the minimum amount necessary to complete your job.
  • Never browse through co-worker EMR’s out of curiosity.
  • Only prescribe medication to patients under your direct care.

Patient safety and privacy

For more information on self-access, please contact the Joint Office for Compliance at 319-384-8282 or visit our SharePoint site.

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  1. As nice as this may be for some employees, I believe there is no reason for us to have this privilege over all of the other equally important patients we serve here. It could keep from honest candid reporting from providers if it is known the patient can access the notes easily, clinic notes can be misinterpreted by the patient, and there are now plenty of options to access necessary information in MyChart or traditional methods.

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