Iowa Prescriber Activity Reports now available

As reported by the Iowa Hospital Association:

The Iowa Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) is designed to reduce and prevent prescription drug abuse and drug overdose. As a central depository of information on controlled substance prescribing and dispensing, a major role of the PMP is to make the data available to authorized users.

Beginning in late January 2019, PMP information will be disseminated to authorized users through the Prescriber Activity Report (PAR), which provides a health care provider with a prescribing history summary, including their ranking compared to the median of prescribers within the same specialty. The PAR also includes a summary or graphical representation of each health care professional’s prescribing history.

The intent of providing a health care professional with relevant and accurate information is to constructively assist his/her controlled substance prescribing practices. Informing health care professionals of their prescribing behaviors relative to their peers may provide insightful, concise data that may assist with treatment protocols.

PRCs will be generated and distributed every quarter and sent only to health care professionals who have issued at least one controlled substance prescription during the previous quarter. The PAR categorizes health care professionals by specialty, and each health care professional receives a PAR specific to their prescribing history. The specialty group is determined using taxonomy codes maintained by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The PAR identifies the following metrics for each prescriber:

  • Opioid related patient and prescription volumes
  • Prescribing percentages based on daily Morphine Milligram Equivalents (MME) of opioid prescriptions
  • Patient percentages based on opioid duration of therapy
  • Prescribing volume based on total MME of selected opioids
  • Anxiolytic/sedative/hypnotic prescribing
  • Patient volumes exceeding multiple provider thresholds
  • Patient volumes receiving dangerous combination therapy
  • PMP usage

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