Did you know? Smart Web tip: Using ‘%’ in a Smart Web title

Not only will this newly added section of the Quest newsletter share stories about teams working on communication, we will share tips and tricks for helping make communication easier.

When in the Smart Web, if you type the “%” sign and part of the name you are looking for in the Group/Function Name field, all results with any part of that name will display.

Zoomed in:


Notice that several that do not start with “Peds,” but have “Peds” within the name.

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  1. This is a great tip. When using this resource, you may want to keep in mind, if there is a “I” next to the pager, these are the instructions provided by the department as to how this pager should be used. Using these instructions will help minimize miscommunication or sending a page out to the wrong person or group. When the wrong person is paged, patient care can be delayed and patient safety may be at risk.

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