96% rate Provider Communication Program coaching as ‘very good’

Excellent communication with our patients and families is the foundation for safe and effective health care. Without effective communication, a message can turn into error, misunderstanding, frustration, or even disaster.

Continuing into June 2020, we are offering the opportunity for physicians, APPs, PAs, and ARNPs to participate in our Provider Communication Program. The program consists of:

  • Workshop: One five-hour provider communications workshop, delivered by our own UI Health Care expertly-trained providers who will facilitate and guide these interactive, small group sessions at the Radisson Hotel & Conference Center, 1220 1st Ave. Coralville. Participants will receive up to 4.75 CEUs.
  • Follow-up coaching: To continue to refine skills, all participants will work one-one-one with a coach at 30 days post-workshop and again at 60 days post-workshop. The coach will be from the Office of the Patient Experience and will observe each participant’s patient encounters and then offer individualized coaching to refine their skills.

This program is designed to give you techniques to build stronger relationships with your patients without adding time to the patient encounter—for example, tips on setting an agenda, listening reflectively, and sharing information incrementally. You’ll be better equipped to manage visits more efficiently, while conveying empathy and making important connections.

Please see the list of workshop dates and register in MyTraining.

Some feedback from our pilot sessions last summer:

  • “Before this training I thought this was going to be a painful and artificial prison of a session with very little useful information, scattered amongst hours of ‘instruction.’ After this training now I know that physician communication skills can be effectively taught in a small group setting that is engaging and meaningful.”
  • “Really enjoyed the day. Great tips on improving my communication with patients—especially hard to satisfy patients.”

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